Losing weight on your stomach without looking like it by consuming equally appetizing fruits and vegetables is totally possible!

Summer is definitely here, and to prepare for your vacation, some of us want to get rid of this little belly that has gently taken place during confinement. Even if there is, of course, no need to have a flat stomach to be hot in a bikini !

Even if most fruits and vegetables are good for your health and allow you to keep the figure, some have a power on the body which is not negligible if one seeks to lose some unwanted pounds .

And to be sure to choose them well, you have to base yourself on 4 little rules . First, they must be nutritious: there is no point in consuming a food that does not bring you any benefit. In most cases, it is because of non-nutritious foods that the cravings for snacking arise.

The second that comes together is to choose satiating foods , it is the best way to be truly full, and to have a day without gap.

"Then, we must not forget that weight loss is generally linked to a decrease in the consumption of calories, it is therefore necessary to favor low-calorie foods" says Shivani Sikri, Dietician in South Delhi

And finally, one thing we often forget is that without a healthy metabolism it's impossible to lose weight. But luckily for us, there are a multitude of foods that can make it attack!

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