Scrubs are an essential part of a nurse's life, and there is more to choosing the best scrubs than you may first imagine. The first thing to consider is any dress code restrictions set by your employer. Many hospitals do not allow nurses to wear all white scrubs. Some denote different areas with different colored scrubs. Some doctor's offices and hospitals allow nurses to wear all different patterns and colors. Find out what the dress code is at your place of employment before buying any scrubs.


It is vital that you keep in mind that you will be wearing these scrubs for long (and often exhausting) shifts. Choose scrubs that fit well and are made of soft material. Cheap materials are often hard on sensitive skin. In general, it is a good idea to opt for cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. You may pay slightly more (a cost you can help offset with Discountrue coupons), but you will be vastly more comfortable.

Wear and Tear

Scrubs have to be durable. The last thing you want is to buy scrubs, wear them a few times, and have fraying edges or tons of shrinkage. Good scrubs have to be able to be washed, dried, and worn frequently with no ironing needed.


Nurses need pockets, yet some scrubs are decidedly lacking in pockets. Make sure the scrubs you buy have plenty of pocket space for band-aids, alcohol pads, pens, and whatever else you may need.

Don't Be Afraid to Be Stylish

How you look has an effect on how you feel. If you employer allows, look for scrubs with nice designs, scoop necks, v-necks, cute bows, and gathered fabric. Scrubs don't have to be boring or ill fitted to do the job.


Fit is important with scrubs. Too large, and you'll find you are swimming around in them and constantly pulling up and re-tying your pants. Too small, and you'll feel constricted and uncomfortable. Since most comfortable scrubs are cotton or a cotton blend, allow for some shrinkage when buying. These will be going through many, many washes so you want to plan for that.

Know Your Audience

While it's not necessarily your job to entertain your patients with your wardrobe choice, your scrubs can be a welcome distraction to the little kid getting ready to have a blood draw. Keep in mind who your patients will be when you buy your scrubs.

Buying scrubs is a big deal. Have fun and choose wisely. If buying online, it's not a bad idea to try one set of a few different brands so you can compare how they feel, how they fit, and how they wash before buying an entire closet full.

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