Many individuals who have a desire to work in the healthcare industry are interested in becoming a nurse practitioner. This position is often referred to as an NP, and it may also be referred to as an advanced practice registered nurse. Essentially, those who become an NP in Texas and who earn a nurse practitioner salary have completed additional coursework and clinical case work that exceeds what is required of a general RN. As an NP, you would be able to perform a physical exam of a patient, order medical tests, write prescriptions and offer treatments. Before you make the decision to pursue the additional education and training associated with this type of position, you may be interested to learn what the average nurse practitioner salary in Texas is.

  • Average Nurse Practitioner Salary

There are numerous factors that can impact the average nurse practitioner salary in Texas, but the average amongst all practicing NP's in Texas is approximately $93,000. This is considerably higher than the average salary of an RN or LVN in the state. The higher compensation level reflects the added responsibilities and stress associated with diagnosing and treating patients, and it also reflects the additional training and education of these professionals over others in the nursing profession.

  • Factors That Can Influence Nurse Practitioner Salary

When you are interested in becoming an NP, it is important to understand the factors that can impact your total compensation in this profession. This can help you to better plan for your education and career. After all, steps that you take during for education and training can impact how thoroughly you enjoy your profession as a nurse practitioner in Texas as well as how well compensated you are in your line of work. Some of the many factors that will have the most influence your nurse practitioner salary include:

Whether you work in an urban, suburban or rural location. If you choose to specialize in a niche area of medicine as an NP. Your years of experience in the field. With a closer look at each of these factors, you may be able to make better decisions about how to proceed with your education and job search after you graduate so that you earn a higher nurse practitioner salary.

  • Where You Work

One of the most significant factors that will influence your income potential as an nurse practitioner is where you work. The income potential can vary significantly between urban, suburban and rural locations in Texas, but it can also vary based on other related location factors. In most cases, the income potential of an NP in an urban location will be significantly higher than in a rural location. However, if you choose to work in a quiet medical office environment, a fast-paced hospital or other environments will also play a role in your income. Where you work will impact how many patients you treat over the course of a day as well as your work hours. In many cases, those who work in a traditional office environment with standard work hours during the week will have a lower general income than those who work in a similar position with non-traditional hours. Furthermore, if you work in a position that requires you to work overtime hours from time to time, you may expect your income to reflect the additional time you spend at work.

  • Specialization Options as an NP

Nurse practitioner salary in Texas is directly tied to the area of medicine that you choose to practice in. Those NPs who do not choose to specialize may work in a family practice or other general medical office environment. The average salary for these professionals in the state is approximately $63,000. However, you can choose to specialize in a niche area of medicine, such as rehabilitation, neonatology, pediatrics and other areas. The specialization that has the highest average compensation in the state is a neonatal NP, and the average income of this specialization is $102,000. This can be compared to a pediatric NP with an average income of $87,000 and a geriatric NP with an average income of $89,000.

  • Your Experience in the Field

When you first graduate, your nurse practitioner salary in Texas will typically reflect the starting salary of a professional in this position. However, other factors may be taken into account to influence your compensation. For example, if you previously worked as an RN or have other relevant experience that you can bring with you into the position, this may be a compensating factor that may be used to negotiate a higher salary. When you are new to the field, the quality of your education as well as your GPA in school may be reviewed. Any internships or part-time jobs you had while in school may also be taken into account. However, most notably, you may notice that your income potential increases considerably when you have more experience actually working as an NP.

  • How to Plan for a Successful, Profitable Career

Many who choose to be a nurse in Texas have a strong desire to care for patients, but many also have a desire to maximize their earning potential as much as possible. If you are planning your career, the first step is to choose the right school for your professional plans. Consider the benefits of working and gaining experience in the field while you attend classes, and choose a school that may accommodate these plans. If you plan to specialize in a certain field, research which schools allow you to do this and which offer the best overall program for your specialization. To earn the highest income upon graduating, you will need to have a quality education from a reputable school and at least some experience working in the field if possible.

A career as an NP can be rewarding and profitable, and the nurse practitioner salary in Texas can be attractive. This is particularly true if you have experience, if you choose to specialize in a niche area and if you choose the right work environment and location. Focus on these factors as you make plans to pursue a job as an NP in the state, and you may have the best overall level of success with your efforts.

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