Nuriche is a newer company to the marketing and health industries. It’s based out of Provo, Utah and was the compilation of ideas between David Parker and Mike Mansfield.
These two experienced executives had one main goal in mind: give consumers access to the nutrition of whole foods on a daily basis. This goal is the foundation for Nuriche.

Business Savvy

Being successful executives themselves, both Parker and Mansfield knew that in order to be successful Nuriche would need business talent. That is why their corporate team is made up of people with business experience. Nuriche distributors can have confidence in this company based on this solid business infrastructure.

The Products

Nuriche offers a few different products featuring the nutrition equivalent of whole fruits and vegetables:

• LiVE is a nutritional beverage offering 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a 10 gram berry flavored serving. It contains a variety combination of 30 fruits, 30 vegetables, and probiotics, seeds, nuts, sprouts, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. The makers of this product say that you will have increased energy, better weight loss, and feel better while using it. This product is also said to support healthy digestion, reduce stress and improve the immune system.

• ReVIVE provides mental clarity and synthetic-free energy. One to three capsules taken one or more times throughout the day provides the body with natural energy. These capsules contain live whole foods with six energy-packed herbs to help provide you with natural energy. ReVIVE has over 175 natural ingredients, including over 70 whole food and raw juice concentrates.

• Nuriche Naturals rounds out the line with 22 different products that help in nearly every body system. This line is available in powder, capsules and liquid form. Uses include joint and muscle support, hormonal balance and support for both genders, weight management, digestive support. All ingredients are certified organic and processed using patented technology. The ingredients are absorbed more readily due to their natural properties.

The Business Opportunity

You can start off in the Nuriche brand with as little as $179 or as much as $500. This makes starting as a Nuriche distributor accessible to a lot of different types of populations. However, Nuriche distributors must maintain an auto-ship purchase each month in order to stay active. This may be difficult for some, especially when first starting their direct marketing business.

On the Nuriche EquiFlex Rewards plan, distributors can earn as much as 60% on their sales. For the right person, this business and career plan can be very rewarding. There are up to 10 ways for someone to make money on the plan. However, many naysayers state that once warm leads run out, it can be very difficult for most people to generate more leads to continue their business. Opponents say that unless a distributor has excellent marketing skills and is able to generate over 50 leads per day, they are in for a dead end sooner or later.

With a product that most people can benefit from and a savvy business plan, Nuriche can be a unique, exciting, and successful business opportunity for the novice or intermediate direct sales consultant. High quality products, scientific research, and a lucrative compensation plan all backed by a strong corporate team may be the right recipe for success to some.

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