September 9, 2016 is a date of significant mystical meaning, as are the dates September 18th and 27th, 2016. The Universal Year of nine occurs this year, as it does every nine years, and nine is a number with great occult meaning.

The Universal Year (e.g., 2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9) peaks each year in September, and the 9th, 18th, and 27th days of September (9-9-9) represent even stronger transcendental energy.

We wouldn’t refer to the numbers 1953, 1989, or 1998, for example, as possessing a higher than average amount of supernatural energy, but we would refer to 2007 and 2016 as such, in part due to the number 2000 as a base, and 7 and 16.

The modern calendar, we believe, is linked to universal intelligence. Its gradual formation wasn’t random; it was carefully calculated, has mathematical reliability linked to cosmic time, and serves perfectly for calendar-based numerology.

Just as our modern calendar begins a new yearly cycle on January 1st, the Universal Year also changes on that date, as does the nine-year cycle and others.

The world continues to undergo a transition period between centuries and millenniums. There’s a cusp period of roughly 25% between any given year, century, or millennium. For example, 1975 AD to 2025 AD spans the 25% between centuries.

You may not notice anything unusual about 9-9-2016, 9-18-2016, or 9-27-2016, but it’s the peak of the end of an important nine-year universal cycle (2016 is also the start of a new 7 Universal Cycle).

We don’t have a forecast for you about what will happen on these dates because we tend to avoid predictions about mundane, worldly happenings (e.g., geopolitical events, natural disasters), unless we see patterns in multiple individuals’ comprehensive charts that firmly suggest such events, as we do with a 2016-2018 financial market crash.

Without functional quantum computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it’s just not feasible to offer (often, and with consistently high accuracy rates) broad, universal predictions that don’t sound like trivial, so-vague-they-can-apply-to-everyone horoscopes. There are too many variables to consider, and it may never be feasible. Thus, we won’t give numerology or astrology predictions like, ”You’ll see these events happen at these locations on September 18th, 2016.”

Does that diminish the science of numerology, make it “for entertainment purposes only?” No. We could have said something like this January 1st, 2016: “You’ll see at least a few famous musicians die in 2016.” Such a prediction would be appropriate for a Universal Year of 2016, but then again that could happen, and has happened, in other years too.

Rather than focusing entirely on Universal cycles, such as the Universal Year of 2016, the best way to utilize the inherent symbolism is to connect them to your personal cycles. In fact, they serve as undercurrents and are used to form multiple personal numerology cycles.

Unfortunately, learning numerology is like learning a foreign language. It takes a lot of time and application, but the everyday practical and spiritual benefits are enormous. It, like other metaphysical tools such as astrology and meditation, gives you access to the other side. It helps you prepare for challenges and make the most of your personal fate.

The number nine in a symbolic sense, such as the Universal vibration of 9-9-9 relating to the supernatural, is much more noticeable with individuals born on such a date, or with those with a lot of the number nine within their comprehensive charts. Patterns, comprised of multiple factors, tell us a lot about personality, timing, karma, fate, and compatibility.

Life is a never-ending series of cycles and although the Universal Year of 2016 is one of the more significant ones, don’t worry about 9-9-9 or any other date being a mystical window of doom.

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