Take a moment to think about your life until now. Has your life gone through cycles? Well you are going to find out and maybe experience a few 'Ah Ha' moments when doing so. Just as the universe has the universal law of attraction that is relevant to us all, it also has the law of cycles.

Think of it like this. There are times in our lives when we instigate something important to us. It may not happen as we want it to and often people say "It was not the right time" and they are right. By understanding the law of cycles you will understand when is the best time in your life to embark on a mission to have a maximum positive effect on your life. It is like a seed, when you embark on the task of planting a seed you make sure that the ground is prepared and it is the right time of the year for that seed to flourish. Well by applying the same care and attention to your own personal thought process and ventures that you undertake, it will ultimately lead to you reaping higher rewards for your hard work.

Your Personal number
We all have our unique birth date which is given to us when we are born and we cannot ever change that date. That date is significant to each of us individually as it is used in determining which year of the 9 year cycle you are currently travelling in.

The process which you must follow is quite simple and you do not need to be a top mathematician to work it out, so don't worry. Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

How to calculate your personal cycle number for this year:

(D+D+M+M+Y+Y+Y+Y =_ _ ) then ( _ + _ = _)

If you want to find out what your birth number was when you were born just change the year. Easy!!

*most numerologists believe that the each cycle year begins on the New Year. There are others who believe that each year of the cycle begins on your birthday. I feel that individually we know when there is a shift in our cycle.

The Nine Year Cycle
Each year is another portion of the pie of life. However each will bring different conditions and energies our way. By understanding each part of the cycle you will be creating a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in your life, ultimately empowering yourself to be in the right place at the right time.

Year 1 : New beginnings. This is the time to start a new beginning, whether it be training, a new job, self discovery, relationship, new thinking whatever is new to you be confident and embark on this new journey. It is a great time for planning your future. Preparing the ground for planting.

Year 2 : Planting the seed: Now that you know what your focus is on this cycle of your life it is time to build the foundations which will secure your future success in this cycle. Building strong relationships and researching. Patience is the key.

Year 3 : Leave to do its magic : Time to let seed do its work, it is time to have fun. You will see a feel that things are growing because of the previous two years preparations. Nervous excitement and energy will be high. However, the seed has not grown yet! Enjoy your surroundings and experiencing more as the horizons widen. Not a good time to start new relationships as focus is on other things.

Year 4 : Taking Root : An important year when more hard work is required. The roots of your seed are taking place so it is a time to ensure that it keeps growing. A year to stabilise and keep everything in order to ensure that success keeps growing. Full attention and concentration needed, be practical may need further investment and do not take anything for granted at this point.

Year 5 : Results : Your hard work is showing signs of paying off as it shoots u out of the ground. More opportunities come your way to enhance growth potential. Freedom is the feeling you should be experiencing. A time to constructively move away from old routines towards newer, fresher experiences.

Year 6 : Nurturing : Obligation to your responsibilities this year. Also a time to appreciate the previous years and any assistance you received. A time of abundance as things really are growing so appreciate that.

Year 7 : Be grateful for growth: This year you have the opportunity to be grateful for the successes of the previous years. This is a year of inner reflection and understanding of the process thus far. Ask yourself questions, what have you learned? What could you do better next cycle? An important year of reflection. It is also a lucky year!!

Year 8 : The flower blooms : This year of the cycle reveals its beauty. Abundant rewards are there for the taking. The more you have put in the more you will receive this year. New opportunities will present themselves and the wind of change will start to blow.

Year 9 : Reflection : This year is the time when we move on and discover inner peace. Absorb the wisdom and use this year as a time to reflect on everything that you have learned in order to create a better understanding of the process. Enjoy this time of personal re-alignment in preparation for the next new beginning.

I am excited about the possibilities of numerology not only personally but for my children. I as a mum will be able to easily monitor which year of the cycle they are in and with this information I can help guide them through life enabling them to plan a brighter future.

By now having an introduction to the 9 year cycle do you feel that life will be easier and more relaxed for you? Will you be able to plan and understand the future better? For me I am excited!!!!

Author's Bio: 

Hello my nme is Karen. I write articles and Spiritual novels. My first novel is out now, it is called The Visitor: a magical understanding of uncertainty. My articles are regulry published at www.adoptmum.com aand in Universal Mind magaine and recently I have been published with mamamia.com. Through my writing I hope to provide my readers with wisdom, knowledge and alternative thought. Thanks for reading.x