Whatever you’ve been planning, contemplating or have started under the foundation building fourth month of April, you’ll feel free to move ahead with in a big way in May. Being the fifth month, May carries the heart and emotion centered freedom of expression number five. It is an erratic, free-flowing energy that breathes new life into any situation. Seeing through the lens of the heart and emotions can bring a sense of clarity and focus to the challenges or obstacles in front of you. The theme of this month is “Freedom”, especially when it comes to soulful expression related to career and life purpose. There is a tugging to step into your personal power and own who you truly are.

Emotions can run a tad on the erratic side this month, especially for the feeling or soul plane based Life Theme numbers. If you’re feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster or more indecisive than usual, it’s the intensity of the emotionally centered five energy.

Five is one of the highest change frequencies and allows our heart to rule over our head. For the over-thinker, you are freed up to go with what feels right and a new sense of inner balance is emerging. For the feelers of the world, intense emotions could potentially cloud your judgment. Be careful to keep grounded by doing things that help you step outside your sometimes turbulent emotions. Things like walking in nature and meditation can go a long way to help center you. The physical based Life Theme Numbers are the ones who will feel the most balanced this month as their earthy foundation is infused with a sense of emotional freedom to create an action-packed month of soul-centered accomplishment.

Considering the World Year Number is a 6 and a big focus is on starting, ending, changing relationships, the heart-centered month of May could possibly be the most volatile for those with relationship challenges. The desire to be free from relationships that no longer serve your highest good will be front and center. Career wise, it’s the perfect time to take action because your soul is in the driver’s seat.

Aside from the ninth month of September, which is the highest change number, May is next in line for being a month of jam-packed change. Think soulful change this month and aligning with what you soul truly wants to express.

Calculating Your Number:

Before we get to the individual monthly forecasts, you’ll need to calculate your Life Theme Number which is your main energetic essence in this lifetime. Your date of birth is like spiritual DNA and can reveal who you are, what you’re here to do and how to do it.

To calculate your Life Theme Number, add together each individual digit in your date of birth and then reduce to a single digit, like this:

DOB: 12-18-1975

This date of birth has a Life Theme Number of 7. Follow the same steps to calculate your own essence.

**Note: If the sum equates to 10, 11, 22 or 33, stop there. Don’t reduce these numbers further as they are called the Master Numbers and should be displayed in their unreduced form. They are guiding frequencies which carry a greater responsibility to mankind in terms of their life purpose. To find out more about these numbers and the other nine base energies, sign up to my newsletter at www.MichelleArbeau.com to receive a complimentary copy of “Life Theme Numbers”.

Individual Life Theme Number Forecast for May:

2: As the most sensitive number and the number of intuition, you’ll feel exceptionally ungrounded and emotionally touchy for the first part of May. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. You’ll feel that life has swept you away but there is tremendous clearing happening for you this month. Things are bubbling to the surface to be healed and released. The second half of the month will be less intense and your intuitive side will again lead the way to help you move forward. Although May is typically career or life purpose focused, the two energy will be inward this month, focusing on re-aligning soulfully after debris has been cleared from the runway. For the two, outward changes are best made under grounded and earthy months like the 4 and 8 when emotions aren’t so turbulent.

3: Being the social butterfly number, threes are having the time of their lives this month. As the inspirationalist and number of imagination, the Life Theme Number threes are loving the jolt of freedom the fifth month injects. Inspired ideas, new projects and big dreaming are on the agenda. The social butterflies are spreading their wings this month. This will be a big month of idea generating – you’re unstoppable. Expect to have the rest of your year laid out by the end of the month. Threes can lean toward a “bi-polar” way of thinking – when they’re up, they’re really up and when they’re down, they’re really down. While in an erratic five month, be cautious not to act on many of your ideas because emotions can cloud good judgment but do use your sharp intellect to begin laying your master plan for the rest of the year. Your mind is free and going a mile a minute with inspired ideas.

4: The most logical and grounded of all the numbers will experience the fifth month as a time to really get down to business. The freedom of the five energy will make the Life Theme Number four want to take physical action. The “doers” of the world funnel the heart energy of the fifth month into immense physical action and expression. Restless energy may take over, causing agitation and pent up energy. Take advantage of the momentum and use it to pursue your dreams with gusto. You’re like a work horse this month, taking the freedom of expression energy to make it happen.

5: You’re in your element this month. It’s a double whammy energy for you and you’re feeling fine and fancy free. Empowered, confident and ready to take the bull by the horns. The negative side of the five energy is control so be cautious not to let that side of you make rash decisions and judgments. You are living completely through the energy of the heart and emotions this month which is your natural element but can be dangerous in such high doses. Rebellious energy is at an all-time high with your passionate side leading the way. Emotional clearing and career are top on the agenda this month. Focus on those two areas but be mindful that you are emotionally charged and could say or do things you don’t mean. Five in excess can turn to the negative qualities of the five which seeks to manipulate a situation in order to maintain freedom.

6: Romance and relationships are definitely front and center with career a close second for the six in May. Already feeling the tug to “nest” or be in a relationship if not in one, since the World Year energy is also a six, the Life Theme Number six will get serious about setting their sights on starting, ending or changing relationships. As the number of extremes, the six can get easily discouraged when it comes to love. Natural nurturers and perfectionists, they tend to attract “fixers” who are co-dependent. Resist the urge to get caught up in just the feeling of a connection and use your eagle’s eye skill as the visionary number to take a step back from the intensity of emotional energy this month to take in the bigger picture. Aside from relationship shifting, you’re in the zone for creative flow as the number of creative expression. As the fifth month, May carries the artist’s number which is perfect for the creative six to start new projects.

7: If you’re a seven, you might just be the most at ease of all the numbers this month. You’re a doer and a leaper (jump first, think later) and do well with erratic energy. Even though you’re the deep, philosophical number and can be quite analytical, when faced with turbulence in your life, you don’t think twice about taking action. Seven and five like to be alone to sort things out and have very similar styles when dealing with life. For the sevens who have developed a deep sense of inner self-trust (sevens tend to have issues with trust), May will be a month of contemplating how you feel about many things in your life first and then putting those contemplative thoughts and emotions into action. For the seven who still struggles with trusting their inner guidance, it will be a month of retreat and pulling away to work through your current challenges in private with not much outer action involved. Either way, it’s a pivotal month for the seven in particular. There will be lots of shifting on an inner level but sevens are great at navigating the waters of change. Think of this month as a time to start steering your boat in a different direction.

8: Five and eight are the most independent and detached of all the Life Theme Numbers which means the eight is in a strong independent streak this month with all the freedom-seeking five energy floating around. You’ll want to break free from anything that has been holding you back, whether it is a job, relationship or location. Eights guard their independence at all costs so May will be a confident and active change month all around. In fact, you’ll be so confident and feeling empowered that it may lead to making arrogant decisions that you’ll later regret. Remain mindful of your motives so as not to let the power-seeking qualities of the five to take over this month. Keep that balance and you’ll be poised to go after your goals with doubtless confidence that you’ll succeed in whatever you set out to accomplish in May.

9: Of all the Life Theme Numbers, nine has the hardest time dealing with highly erratic and emotionally charged energies like the five. Nines are black and white, right and wrong justice seekers so the emotional ebb and flow of the five can be taxing on the more rigid nine who likes to rationalize everything. Although they can be big dreamers and outside the box thinkers at times, they have set beliefs and ideals of how life should be. May is definitely going to be a challenge for the nine as they will be pulled from the head to the heart this month. They will be outside their comfort zone and those around them will notice.

10/1: The key trait of the ten is adaptability which is very much in alignment with the energy of May and it’s go with the flow five theme. At their core, the ten is a doing energy as the first physical plane number. When there is such freedom in the air, they want to be the pioneer they were born to be but always approach it from a light-hearted perspective. In the negative they can be over-driven and isolated in that drive so caution should be taken this month to not let the controlling nature of the five create a steamroller effect. Drive is good but in excess it can turn you into a tyrant. You’ll accomplish a lot this month in terms of physical action. It’s all about outer change for you this month. Not much in the way of thinking and more about just doing it. “Take action” is what the energy is asking of you this month. The great news is, you’ll be the least effected by all the erratic emotional energy out there. You’re feeling footloose and fancy free to go for it because you know what you want.

11/2: Sensitivity and indecisiveness will be a common theme among elevens this month. At the core of the eleven is two (1+1=2) which is the most sensitive and intuitive of all the soul plane numbers. Elevens are the Life Theme Number that tends to lose their way most often because they have such a large energetic aura, it can bowl not only others over with its power but also the elevens themselves. The five energy this month will make the elevens touchy and irritable. Career and life purpose have been tugging at the elevens since last fall in a big way but this month will carry an exceptionally powerful drawn to embrace what their soul is yearning to express. You’re being called to your post in a big way because you are the spiritual guide. Not every eleven is meant to be preaching from the mountaintop and there are many practical ways to express your guiding energy. May could be the push you need to step into your power and own it. The world needs you now.

22/4: There will be a tug of war going on within you this month as your double sensitive and intuitive twos want to retreat to go within and your base four energy wants to get out and enjoy the freedom of the fifth month. Don’t fight it but go with it as there will be days when you need to be still and others where you’ll be raring to go get what you want. As the Master Builder, you understand that not everything in life is built through physical action and there is a need for the thinking and planning stage too. Keep in mind it may feel like you’re all over the place and are swept away by the waves but there is a method to the energetic madness you’re feeling this month. It is a pruning energy, especially emotionally. You are clearing out debris to rebuild a new foundation. Your practical side resists but your intuitive side knows what it’s doing, even though it doesn’t seem to make sense. Go with it and know that it will make much more sense for you next month. Don’t make any major outward changes because you are making sense of the old to rebuild anew but the rebuilding isn’t ready to begin yet. Your scattered feelings and thoughts are a side effect of the tear down process and perfectly normal for a twenty-two four.

33/6: The thirty-three sixes are in high nurture mode, wanting to take care of the world. The five energy of May has them in a loving mode. Their double threes (number of inspiration and imagination) is gushing, wanting to show others how terrific they truly are. As the Master Teacher number, they are keen on being the natural guides and counselors, helping those who are lost. They will feel called to be in situations where they can talk and teach more, wanting to share of themselves readily this month as a means of guiding others. As the number of extremes, if the six is in a negative place in life, it could be a month of self-doubting and feelings of insecurity, particularly on the relationship front. This has been a big year of relationships for the thirty-three six because like the elevens, they are feeling the call to post career-wise. The relationship aligning is critical for this Life Theme Number in order to fully embrace who they are meant to be. It is a must for them to be surrounded by positive people, places and things or they will never achieve lasting success. Spend May using the emotional energy of the five to self-nurture as a means of understanding what energy you truly need in your life in order to thrive.

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