April is the “doing” month and is one of the hardest working energies we’ll encounter all year. It’s no coincidence that many of us get spring fever, wanting to embark on spring cleaning (literally and figuratively) and developing a hankering to start new projects. The four frequency is all about pruning or “cleaning out our closet” to get rid of anything that no longer fits in our life. As the first physical plane number, four is also about getting down to business as the practical solid, hard working foundation number symbolized by the square and its four sides.

April is particularly pivotal this year considering we’re also in the midst of the creative visionary six energy of the World Year number of 2013. We’re able to see the broader perspective of what we need and want in our life. It’s time to revamp, reorganize and rebuild in a big way. More importantly, there is a draw to align on a much deeper soulful level because we can see from a bird’s eye view.
If there was ever an April to go for it, this is it. As souls in human form, we operate on three planes of existence: Mind, Soul and Physical. The fourth dimension represents the conscious or awakened being, merging the first three planes into a higher perspective fourth level. We are feeling the call to reinvent the wheel, utilizing the visionary six energy of 2013 through the take-action four energy of April.

With the Armageddon “end of times” energy of the Shift behind us from last year, we’re ready to pick ourselves up and create again but from a different vantage point. As this year progresses, we’ll see much more inventive energy coming in as the visionary six kicks into high gear. April is the first true “action” month since we’ve spent the first three months of the year in mostly contemplative or information gathering mode.

We’re feeling the call to join together as a global community through the nurturing, relationship oriented broader picture six vibe that 2013 carries. Things like the green movement, equality, and merging beliefs and ideals has never been closer to becoming a reality. It is truly a new age dawning.

Exactly how you’ll use the action-packed, pruning energy of April depends on your Life Theme Number (your main energetic essence) but one thing is for sure; the theme of April 2013 is ready, set…GO.

Calculating Your Number:

Before we get to the individual monthly forecasts, you’ll need to calculate your Life Theme Number which is your main energetic essence in this lifetime. Your date of birth is like spiritual DNA and can reveal who you are, what you’re here to do and how to do it.

To calculate your Life Theme Number, add together each individual digit in your date of birth and then reduce to a single digit, like this:

DOB: 12-18-1975

This date of birth has a Life Theme Number of 7. Follow the same steps to calculate your own essence.

**Note: If the sum equates to 10, 11, 22 or 33, stop there. Don’t reduce these numbers further as they are called the Master Numbers and should be displayed in their unreduced form. They are guiding frequencies which carry a greater responsibility to mankind in terms of their life purpose. To find out more about these numbers and the other nine base energies, sign up to my newsletter at www.MichelleArbeau.com to receive a complimentary copy of “Life Theme Numbers”.

Individual Life Theme Number Forecast for April:

2: Pure twos are naturally intuitive and emotionally sensitive so the pruning and realigning focus of April will be honed on relationships with the self and others. As the number of harmony and cooperation, the two happily takes on the task of being the support for others in their lives. This month will cause them to be particularly sought out more than usual with requests for advice and counsel from those closest to them. On a personal level, during a consolidation month like April, emotions can be a tad erratic as the two sorts through and makes sense of things on an inner level. Using the grounded April energy to take nature walks, meditate or journal will go a long way in helping the sensitive two decide how to best use the doing energy of the four this month.

3: As the gateway to the mind plane and the number of imagination, this month threes are like a pent up horse at the starting gate. Their creative juices are flowing, having just left the intellectually charged third month of March. There’s no shortage of ideas floating around in their brain. April will be a networking and connection month for the threes as they use their power of unity to connect dots and bring their dreams to fruition. This is the month where the normally top-heavy intellectual three gets to directly tap into the four energy of the “doer” making a smooth path to manifest all that they desire into physical reality easily and rapidly.

4: The four is experiencing a double whammy this month. “Do, do, do” is what the four is yearning to do at the moment. Impatience is one of the challenge traits of the four so they aren’t usually keen on spending too much time thinking about what they want to do. However, as the most grounded of all the numbers, the four isn’t afraid of hard work, knowing more than anyone that it takes physical effort to accomplish our goals and dreams. Fours will spend April getting down to business and implementing their To-Do list and are super stoked about it. The four is in their element this month and feeling particularly powerful in their being.

5: Grounded, consolidative and contemplative energies are usually more difficult for the erratic and heart/emotion centered five to navigate. As the middle number on the soul plane and the “artist’s number”, the five may feel a bit restless and out of sorts from being anchored by the fourth physical frequency of April. One thing is for sure, as the freedom of expression number, fives don’t care to be restricted in any way. The key for the five is to remember that April’s four overtone isn’t tying down their flow but rather creating a clear channel to express in the physical sense and they should view it as an expression portal of sorts.

6: Considering the world year number is a six, the Life Theme Number six has a strong focus on relationships this year in general. During a foundation-building four energy such as April, the six will be feeling the tug more than ever to start building their own foundation. The “nesting” quality of the six will be activated and the urge to physically seek out companionship or even just the company of friends or those whose presence they feel good in will be on the top of their agenda in April. On the flip side, six is the creative visionary number so the desire to start new creative endeavors will also be front and center. Whether it’s on a personal level in relationships or wanting to create in a bigger, global way, the six will want to take full advantage of the ability to take action and shine as creative nurturer that they are this month.

7: The seven and the four energies are the two most active numbers on the physical plane. Sevens tend to leap first and think later so the fourth month acts as a springboard for action. Naturally contemplative as well, the seven is no stranger to the consolidative urgings of April’s four frequency. Of all the numbers, sevens will find this month most comfortable as they intuitively understand what the energies are asking of them. Four and seven are side by side on the birth chart and “get” each other on many levels. The active sevens are more than ready for action after spending the first three months in mostly self-reflective mode and they know just what to do with the energy of April.

8: Eights feel confident and vibrate in April. Four is half of eight and represents the more grounded and solid version of it. As the number of wisdom, independence and possessing a direct link to the divine, eight is totally tapped into the spiritual realm, bringing through wise words of wisdom effortlessly and regularly. Eights are known for saying the right things at the right time and can be quite talented in people-oriented professions and in business. The fourth energy of April is very grounding to the eight’s flow of wisdom and they will be standing tall in their role as the wise sage this month. Many will intuitively seeking out their advice and guidance as they sense the eight is in exceptionally tuned in right now.

9: As the black/white justice-seeking thinker and humanitarian as well as the most active number on the mind plane, the nine may have a harder time deciding what they should prune this month. Not particularly practical or physical by nature, the nine tries to rationalize the “just do it” energy of the four. April will provide some much needed grounding for nine’s idealism but the nine will resist the call to change more than the other Life Theme Numbers. It isn’t that they don’t want to change since nine is considered the highest change number, it is simply that they tend to have set ideals and beliefs about how things should be (and it can be difficult to change their mind). Top on the agenda for the nine this month is to focus on thinking less and doing more to fully take advantage of the opportunity to put their abundance of mental energy into active use.

10/1: Ten is dubbed the Earth Guide number because it combines the first physical plane energy of the one with the zero, the symbol of the infinite or spiritual awareness. One is the pioneering, trailblazing verbal self-expression number and many Life Theme Number ten’s are leaders in their own right (although they lead more through casual conversation). Key traits like adaptability and a practical undertone makes the ten a guide that gets in the trenches with the people rather than preaching from the mountain tops. Their guiding force is exceptionally strong anywhere practical, grounded, real life energy resides so April is a medium they can definitely work through. Although they have a strong spiritual side (the zero), when in a doing month like April, they are all about actively guiding from a physical perspective. Mentoring, teaching and sharing will be the draw for the ten this month.

11/2: Eleven is the highest spiritual number and often called the “Spiritual Guide” frequency guided by the intuitive and sensitive two as its core energy. Feeling a powerful inner calling to reflect and go within like the two, they will also utilize the practical doing energy of the fourth month to help others find balance with all the pruning and shedding of the old going on. Although not as grounded as the Earth Guide ten the elevens possess a deeper intuitive knowing that all is as it should be with the two at its base. On a personal level, they will share the same challenges of the two but on an outward level, they are being called to their guiding post to assist others in a big way this month.

22/4: Not only is the twenty-two four experiencing a double whammy like the four this month, it has a leg up with those intuition-based double twos. Navigating what, when and where to prune is much easier for the twenty-two four than any other combination of the four. Called the “Master Builder”, this four is all about helping others revamp, rebuild and restructure to be more in alignment with the desires of the soul, which is the theme of April. Sometimes those extra sensitive double twos can cause the intuition to become clouded from a personal perspective. Naturally doers who are guided by their intuition, the twenty-two four loses its solid footing when they live too much in the soulful twos. With April being the fourth month, the twenty-two fours are balanced with the extra added four energy (balanced 22/44) and are ready to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. It’s time to get on with it and “build” something!

33/6: As the nurturing, creative and visionary “Master Teacher” number, the thirty-three six is feeling the urge to get out there and share their wisdom this month. Always the inspirationalist, with double imaginative threes leading the way this Life Theme Number benefits greatly from physical grounding energies like this month’s four frequency. With the number of creation at its base (six), when the abundance of imaginative and intellectual energies of this Master Number are anchored in practicality, their creative power is positive and focused. The “Master Teacher” connects the dots for others utilizing their creative visionary talents. Called the number of extremes, the six can often get trapped in a pessimistic flow if it dips into the negative and they become self-sabotaging (Linday Lohan carries is a 33/6). This is particularly the case if they are not actively creating or are in a stalled or stagnant place in life. Thankfully that’s definitely not the case this month as the four overtone is whispering to the thirty-three six to go out and create.

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