Mystics realized thousands of years ago that numbers symbolize qualities as well as amounts.

Numerology, or what used to be referred to as number mysticism, is one of several tried and true forms of divination used to derive personality traits and compatibility.

Nobody is perfect, and those imperfections are reflected by unique patterns of over-balanced and under-balanced forms of each number.

A modern numerology bad habit is associating one single numerological indicator with distinct personality traits. There is no “this (one single factor) equals that (a specific personality trait).” A single factor gives you only a hint. It must be corroborated with other factors, forming patterns to firmly represent personality talents and challenges, along with personal fate. The exception is if you’re one of those consistently psychic individuals who only needs a single indicator such as the day of birth to access the divine.

It’s possible for us mere mortals to at least get an idea of the truth from single factors if you’re in a hurry, as long as you realize it’s necessary to go much deeper to verify your impressions.

The day of birth, such as the 1st of January, is one of the more popular indicators in modern numerology, and also happens to be one of the factors that is firmly associated with how a person appears to others and their overall nature.

Since this is an introduction to numerology and compatibility, we’ll group all the day of month numbers together that have the same root number: 1, 10, 19; 2, 11, 20; 3, 12, 30; 4, 13, 22, 31; 5, 14, 23; 6, 15, 24; 7, 16, 25; 8, 17, 26; 9, 18, 27.

The reason 1, 10, and 19, for example, are grouped together is that the root number of 10 and 19 is 1 (10=1+0=1, 19=1+9=10=1+0=1). 1, 10, and 19 share a lot of similar qualities having the same root number. So we’ll focus mostly on the root numbers 1-9 below. More information can be derived from non-root numbers, a more advanced area of study.

Personifying extreme over-balanced or under-balanced forms of numbers helps to understand the related energies; below we highlight compatibility issues with each of the root numbers 1-9. A single number heavily recurring throughout the patterns in the personal charts can make a person seem a lot like one of the root numbers illustrated below. Otherwise, most people’s patterns in their personal charts include a mix of several numbers, making them appear like more than one number.

Imagine a driven alpha male who is one of the best in everything he does—academics, career, and financial success. It’s very symbolic of a balanced, healthy number one. This form of the one gets along exceedingly well with the number two, four, and nine, and sometimes eight (if the eight lacks power and control issues). It doesn’t click well with an un-balanced three, who he thinks is too scattered and immature. However, a balanced three with a balanced one make for a fantastic creative team. One doesn’t click with six, unless six is flexible and doesn’t try to overrule the one.

Two can get along with pretty much anyone, especially if two is healthy and balanced. She makes the perfect supportive and understanding partner. But if two is under-balanced, she is dependent, cowardly, and overly sensitive. If over-balanced, she is deceitful and manipulative.

Three can get along with most others, especially those who have an affinity for creative expression, laughter, pleasure, good times, and socializing. Three has a problem with four’s lack of imagination and critical nature, and wishes seven would lighten up and have some fun. The problem with three is his emotional volatility, superficiality, depression, and irresponsible nature. Three is a Friday night out number, not an everyday take-care-of-business number.

Four tends to like one, two, six, and eight, and can tolerate seven. Three and five tend to be too unsettling, and nine is too spacey and vague for the pragmatic four. A structured partnership without surprises suits four.

Being the most versatile number, five can get along with everyone (especially nine), but isn’t quite compatible with two, four, and six. Five appreciates two’s sensitivity, four’s work ethic, and six’s heart. But it also gets tired of two’s inactivity, four’s rigidity, and six’s dogma.

Six and two are most geared toward long-term relationships; they can’t be single for long, and they are really good together. Six also gets along well with four and eight, as long as eight isn’t too unsympathetic. Six has a problem with five’s promiscuity, three’s lack of seriousness, one’s aggressiveness, seven being so spacey, and nine’s hedonism.

Seven has an affinity with nine, two, and one, and appreciates four, but tends to have a problem with other numbers. Although he likes four, he believes four and eight are too mundane-oriented. Three is frighteningly mercurial, five is too adventurous, and six needs too much together time.

Eight gets along great with one, two, four, six, and nine, as long as the others know eight is in charge. Eight believes three is too superficial and seven is too otherworldly. Eight and five get along well in business, but not in romance, unless eight pays the bills and five is okay with being dependent on eight. Eight appreciates partners who offer her status and security. Two eights can be great together, as long as they aren’t exhibiting typical over-balanced tendencies of eight: power and control games, argumentativeness, and bullying.

Being the humanitarian, nine gets along with everyone, as long as they don’t walk out after realizing nine won’t stick to the commitment. Nine thinks four is too narrow-minded, and eight is too business-oriented. Nine and seven (and five) should be careful of the tendency to over-indulge.

Although the language of number symbolism is a discipline that takes as much time to learn as a foreign language, even basic numerology can give you a fascinating glimpse into human personality and compatibility.

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