Numerology, as it’s known today, is rooted in number mysticism from over two thousand years ago.

But the wise ancient seers wouldn’t recognize today’s numerology; the modern approach often involves bastardizing the discipline in an effort to make it sexy and marketable. This is true with astrology and other forms of metaphysical divination too.

Still, you can get an idea of human character and personal timing through basic number mysticism, which has withstood the test of time.

Everybody’s unique energy is symbolized by hundreds of numerology factors, forming patterns in the natal and timing charts.

Root numbers are balanced, over-balanced, or under-balanced. The symbolic energy in the numerology charts is almost always over or under-balanced, as balanced represents lack of challenges, and few, if any people like that exist.

Personifying the extreme--over-balanced or under-balanced--forms of numbers allows for easier understanding of the related energies. Below we illustrate traits and behaviors associated with each of the root numbers one through nine.

One is largely about self-energy, it’s inward turning and very driven. Though you may see her as self-absorbed, it’s just the way her energy shines. You’ll appreciate her stellar effort and self-directed energy to make your partnership the best it can be. But vanity (not necessarily a one-oriented trait) or stubbornness, for example, with typical one energy can be a devastating blow to any relationship. The one exceeds expectations when it comes to helping other family members be their best.

Long walks, hand-holding, thoughtful conversations, and sincere feelings are part of the two’s mode of operation. Unfortunately, she can also be duplicitous and easily in two secret relationships at the same time, all while professing her love of life-long monogamy. Go easy on the two because he’s very sensitive and gentle. He makes a great partner, if he’s living the high side of the two, instead of the low side.

Storytelling, play-acting, lively conversations, and entertaining make your relationship with the three exciting. But you worry about the three during his bouts of depression. Three is either riding a wave of optimism and happiness, or struggling in the trenches of depression. Never down for too long, those sparkling eyes and bubbly personality make you wonder how she could have seemed to be down and out only a few hours ago. Emotional stability is absent from your relationship with the three, but there’s never a dull moment.

You will appreciate the practical nature of the four, such as how much money you save through frugality. He’s always there for you, but physically, not emotionally. Life is a trade off—in this case you get consistent carnal pleasure instead of sentimentality and tender affection. Reason is the four’s strength, bringing a grounded and logical approach to all things in your connection.

Travel is great with five, as long as you allow him to have his freedom on occasion. The five will tire of forever holding hands and dining at romantic restaurants. She needs adventure to deal with her inner restlessness. Shockingly versatile, he’s the partner you want for stimulation. He’s an agent of change, yet so much so that it may lead to a new partnership since the five isn’t one for life-long relationships.

Like the two, six needs to be in a relationship, more so than most other numbers. She wouldn’t mind a law outlawing divorce. “There ought to be a law,” “It’s the right thing to do,” and “It should be this way,” are typical sayings of the six. He needs to let go of his dogmatic outlook on life and just let things be the way they are. To his credit, six is one of the most responsible root numbers and you can always count on him.

Seven almost prefers analyzing and daydreaming about yesterday’s delightful romantic date, or a future one, more so than the actual experience. She is into the spiritual side of sex and casual encounters aren’t her style. In fact, she’s very concerned about the energy she picks up even from her close lover. She does a Spiritual Detox after each coupling, and then meditates on the experience. Seven may seem distant, but you won’t believe how well he picks up your exact thoughts as if he’s actually reading your mind like one of his ever-present books.

A wonderful thing about the eight is that she figures out exactly how to play every situation to the advantage of your romantic partnership. She gains, you gain, you both gain. A terrible thing about the eight is that she sometimes plays every circumstance to her advantage, bullying, scheming, and running roughshod over everyone else to get what she wants. Eight is the opportunist, in good ways and bad ways. Eight isn’t into romance, but his focus on money and success helps your partnership enjoy life’s material pleasures.

Nine may be more charitable to others than to your own partnership with her. She can’t help it; lending a hand to those in need is her nature. Live and let live is his motto. Try to possess the nine, and he slips from your grip. Nine is wonderful, while it lasts. She means it when she says she’ll always love you, even though she seems so impersonal and detached. Nobody loves as deeply and sincerely as the nine.

Although it takes time to gain a working knowledge of it, numerology is an intuitive discipline that allows you to get a better understanding of personality and personal timing.

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