In ancient times, more than two thousand years ago, mystics recognized that numbers symbolize qualities as well as quantities.

Number mysticism, otherwise known today as numerology, is one of the most popular forms of divination used to discern personality, compatibility, and personal timing.

To the skeptics, we don’t believe in the type of numerology you’ve been exposed to either, what one finds through a cursory search on the Internet for Numerology. A single number represents nobody’s character.

Everybody’s unique energy is symbolized by multiple factors forming patterns in the natal and timing charts.

Ideally, each root number one through nine, and clusters of numbers, would be perfectly balanced in the charts. But the over-balanced and under-balanced forms are much more common; this truth represents personality red flags and challenging life circumstances. Every single person has his or her distinct tough parts in life to work through—so it goes in each lifetime until you get it right.

Associating the day of the month of birth with personality traits is a widespread form of modern numerology, though we recommend using multiple factors instead of only one. The symbolism of any single factor is supported or mitigated by the energy of the other hundreds within the personality and timing charts.

A caveat regarding single-factor readings includes those rare individuals who are capable of employing only a handful or even a single factor, such as the day of the month of birth, as touchstones to consistently glean character, compatibility and, or personal timing truths.

Personifying extreme over-balanced or under-balanced forms of numbers helps to understand the related energies; below we highlight relationship styles of each of the root numbers one through nine.

Being a very masculine number, number one is known for drive and accomplishment, and that energy squashes romance. Little time remains for love after the one spends all day working on his or her goals. Once in a relationship, his or her partner may notice a lack of affection and endearments from the one. The one just isn’t geared to that, and shows his love through other ways, such as sharing the abundance for which he worked hard.

Two is the most considerate, thoughtful, and partnership oriented of all the root numbers. You’ll get plenty of affection from the two, but you may get tired of his or her hyper-sensitivity. In extreme cases, two can be the most deceitful of numbers. But if you’ve ever wanted someone who can wear two different hats, play two different roles well such as wife and mother, or be bi-sexual, two is ideal. Nobody beats two in a contest to possess a natural dual nature, which can be in a constructive, favorable manner, or a sinister, despicable way.

Lively communication, laughter, and fun are hallmarks of the three. But he or she is also manic-depressive and volatile. You’ll have fun with three while it lasts, but you may tire of his or her emotional ups and downs. Three is unbeatable as a musician or entertainer, yet he’s the most superficial of all root numbers. Don’t expect meaningful, deep conversations with the three. Do expect a good time.

Four is the most dependable root number, and you may like that he or she is one of the more physical numbers too. A bit crude at times, yet practical and efficient, four gets the job done. Work, family, and his or her relationship are stable. Being the most rigid of all root numbers, don’t push four to be unconventional and adventurous. He or she is the rock that people can count on, yet boredom and monotony is common.

Five is sexy, charismatic, adventurous, and unorthodox. But he or she is here today and gone tomorrow. Those who have a lot of five in their charts become depressed in traditional, long-term relationships. They need newness and adventure. Five is the least monogamous of all root numbers, but he or she is a great lover, and can relate to almost everyone. A chameleon, yet a zebra doesn’t change his or her stripes, so don’t expect the five to play the role of traditional romantic partner.

Six is the most geared toward traditional romantic partnerships. You can count on six for romance and an appealing marriage, unless six gets carried away with romantic idealism, his or her fatal flaw. “Our partnership is supposed to be like this….” says the six. Wrong, your partnership is the way it is and you, Mr. Six, need to accept it as it is. Accepting what he or she can’t change is tough for six. The perfectly balanced form of six is acceptance of how things are, without resentment. Unfortunately, much more often than not six is over or under-balanced and just won’t accept how things are in the relationship, symbolized, in part, by his or her distorted idealism.

Seven isn’t geared toward relationships, unless you consider the relationship seven has with angels, invisible spirits, and those on the other side. ”Earth to seven!” you say to him or her, and it’s often appropriate. He or she seems physically here, but mentally in outer space. Seven avoids superficial small talk. One good thing about seven as a partner is that you’ll have some very deep, meaningful conversations, as long as you don’t try to encourage the seven to express herself emotionally. Repression is common. It’s not like seven doesn’t like you as a partner, it’s just that affection and closeness is uncomfortable for the seven.

Eight is the most materially and financially inclined root number, so it makes sense that you may enjoy the finer things in life with eight. Eight likes status too. Just don’t expect a close romantic connection. Eight can be harsh, and may like things rough in the bedroom. Divorce is commonly expensive for eight, and eights can be the biggest opportunists when it comes to marrying well. Eight can be a bully, but the wise eight is a master of the balanced application of power and influence.

Nine is a lovely romantic partner, yet he or she is typically without convictions. For example, his or her spiritual beliefs will tend to be whatever feels best at the moment. Sometimes nine has integrity problems, but his or her heart is of gold more often than not. If ever you want a partner who will be open-minded to the idea of an open relationship, nine is your guy or gal. Nine possesses unconditional love in abundance and makes a good father or mother, but drinking too much is common among those with excess nine energy.

Number symbolism is a fascinating way to learn about human character and timing. Like any discipline, it takes time to learn the basics, but once you do it’s an invaluable skill and leads to compassion and understanding.

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