I have been a professional numerologist for over 50 years and am best known for my attention to the evolution of human consciousness and encouraging personal growth and self awareness through numbers. Having been at one time an above average athlete, I have throughout the years casually followed some of the major sporting events of our times.

Years ago, while living in the Vancouver/Portland metroplex area, I became a fan of the Portland Trail blazers professional basketball team. By then I was pretty much disillusioned with the big egos, adolescent behavior and extravagances of professional sports.
However, there was something rarely refreshing about the Blazers team spirit and play. I found their relatively dignified and mostly healthy youthful exuberance a refreshing contrast to the increasing assault of adolescent taunting, peacocking, hot dogging, and throat slashing gestures that is now, unfortunately, a part of most professional sports, and college ball as well.

I started a blog to numerologically cover their adventures and have rather consistently analyzed and predicted their progress (sometimes much to the chagrin of the beat writers and sportscasters). Three years ago when Vegas, ESPN and most pro pundits predicted a relatively poor season of 27 to 30 some wins, I was the only sports prognosticator in the country to suggest around 47-49 wins: with a downside of 44 wins. This hinted at a probable play off birth. Boom. Nailed it.

This year 2018-19 is almost a repeat. Consensus of the “pro” analysts, ESPN and Vegas statisticians had the Blazers winning around 30 some games: give or take. And, most agreed they would not make the play offs. Once again I was the only national sports prognosticator indicating 47 to 49 wins and perhaps as many as 52! Boom. Nailed it: Part Deux.

Their playoff prospects were at best uncertain and are now more so with the tragic injury to their big guy, Jusuf Nurkic. Perhaps the collective emotional theme to win it for the “Nurk” will carry the Blazers. However, this type of emotional rally cry often burns out before bedazzling. I’m not even going to speculate on their results. As a fan, I hope they do well.

This aspect of numerology is fun, but a minimal part of my personal scope and purpose for doing the numbers. I hoped that success might catch the attention of those who would choose to look into the real merit and potential use of numerology for greater purposes.

For the most part, I get inquiries from people wanting to use it to “pick winners”. I had hoped the interest would ascend that level. From my experience of over 40 years as a therapist, it is clear relatively little healthy benefit or personal growth comes from gambling and the gambling personality. I know, because I flirted with it successfully from time to time over the decades.

Gamblers are very often people who crave change and something better for them and the world. Perhaps the exploration of numerology might help the gambling personality to focus their imagination and ingenuity to gamble upon causes of transformation and innovation that contribute to a better and more prosperous world for all.

The message that I hope comes from this article is that curiosity will be stimulated regarding the validity and potential use of numbers for growth in self awareness and maturity as individuals and collectively as a society. Time will tell. But, then time is just one of the many illusions of this dimension, isn’t it!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Buess MA, EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

He offers an unprecedented blend of psychology, cosmology and spirituality to numerology. With a background of conducting decades of therapy sessions, past life regressions, healing sessions (sound, color, crystals. and more) and dozens of exorcisms, he has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience that adds to his numerical acumen. His vision is constantly expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.