Entertainment has always been a major priority for people across the globe. One of the unique methods of entertainment from the last two decades has been television. In today’s world technology has become insanely advanced and new modes of watching TV have popped up. With the advent of internet number of gadgets and apps have been designed which offers latest method to watch TV. These gadgets and apps have transformed the way people used to watch TV. The best thing about these services is that they are hassle-free, convenient, globally accessible mode of entertainment without having to pay hefty subscription fees.

Today, the cable based TV market has been facing increasing competition from other entertainment modes like satellite television, Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other internet based streaming services. This has resulted in people switching from cable TVs because of long list of disadvantages associated with it; some of which are annoying monopolies, confusing price packages, ridiculous commercial load, lousy programming fraught with cheaply produced reality shows. Moreover, it is a subscription service and one must pay a monthly bill to continue rejoicing the services.

Amidst, number of difficulties; NuMedia has been introduced as the ultimate solution or a savior to let people have great entertainment with pea size investment. NuMedia is a really popular and new opportunity that is making its rounds on social media among network marketers. The NuMedia TV opportunity offers an app that user can install on any compatible streaming device which provides them with an opportunity to explore over 3000 stations of TV entertainment including the premium sports channels and premium services like movies on demand and more.

The NuMedia is certainly packed up with great features and gaining great response from the market. Some of its game changing features are:

• No Credit Check
• Plug & Play Technology
• No Long Term Commitment
• Pay as per your needs (Month to month service)
• Do not possess any activation fees
• Provides free support service

To enjoy the NuMedia experience on non-smart TV’s one needs Amazon fire stick. Moreover, it can also be used with any android operated gadget such as tablets, notebook or even on smartphones.

In addition, with NuMedia TV service, the app also provides the user with the opportunity to make money with the provided compensation plan. As a customer/affiliate member the user will earn commissions for referring others by an affiliate link. The compensation plan is divided into three stages and the stage level improves as per the referrals. The compensation plan structure consists of 1-star director, 2-star director, and 3-star director levels.

How much one needs to invest to get NuMedia TV service?

The NuMedia streaming app along with the affiliate membership plan cost around $49.95. After paying the amount, user is provided with 3 codes which help them to activate service on 3 devices of their choice. The amount of compensation depends on the level of user, one can also join at 3 other levels as it automatically qualifies one for higher rank and infinite bonus and perks.

NuMedia Free Trial for 24 hours allows one to explore this perfect dish or cable alternative which is a convenient and cost-effective way to watch HDTV channels and plethora of sports and movies without any hassle.

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