Psychics believe that number
3 in numerology makes you
 gifted in writing, communicating,
speaking, and strategizing.   You have a need to express yourself in
whatever way you can; by using your body, voice, art, etc.  There is a need
to be active at all times, otherwise you will become bored very fast. 
Multi-tasking duties are one way to utilize this energy.  If you do not use
all your energy, it will in turn use you.  So it’s important to work out,
take long walks, and burn off that excess.

Your Traits

  • Quick witted
  • Writer
  • Witty
  • Clever tongue
  • Highly creative
  • Flexibility
  • Make people laugh

Your Strengths

You are highly imaginative and quick-witted. You
can be the life of the party, entertaining people with stories, jokes or
witty remarks. You have plenty of vitality, your body heals quicker than
that of most.

You are versatile and talented and there are few
things you cannot do. You have a very sharp mind and a fine understanding of
the body, which makes careers in medicine or health both possible and
rewarding. You are very creative and witty.

Your Challenges

Your challenge is to be willing to start your
enterprise small and take practical steps toward enlarging it to its full
scope. You have a gift for seeing both the details of a plan and how it
should unfold. You are orderly and patient. You can approach a problem
methodically and systematically. Your solutions tend to be unique. You keep
your own counsel and have much inner strength. Conversely, you can be
nervous and suffer grave doubts about yourself, which you also tend to hide.

It is very easy to scatter yourself by taking on
too many projects and not being able to follow through with them. 

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.