You have spent months and gone through hundreds of options in order to perfect your big day, starting from the dress, the jewellery to other arrangements like flowers, food etc. But somehow you have managed to skip the most important part--- the makeup. The importance of bridal makeup cannot be more overstated as it ties the whole bridal look together. Naturally this aspect of your big day also requires a lot of planning. Bridal makeup artists in Delhi have pointed out some key aspects that you should keep in mind while planning.

Outline the theme

Not everyone has a theme to their wedding but if you have one then you have to plan accordingly. For example, if you are planning a hill station wedding remember your makeup has to be in sync with it. Also, you have to make sure that your makeup must go hand-in-hand with your outfit. So, take your time and plan accordingly before you make your final decision.

Your tradition and culture

When a country is as vast and diverse as India there is no unified wedding type, different parts of the country have different customs. And, based on the custom the bridal makeup will change. For example, north Indian weddings are very different from south Indian weddings and naturally the makeup and its focus changes. So, include this in your planning.

Elephant in the room

Budget is your elephant in the room here. So prepare your budget first. Your budget will let you understand what sort of Wedding makeup artist in Delhi you can afford. If you are satisfied with options then good else mend your budget accordingly.

Market research is your key

After you narrow down your choices, contact the artists as soon as possible. Ask them for samples, like photos of their previous works, what sort of product they use, what’s their specialization etc. Discuss your skin type and what sort of makeup will work on you. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for a trial session because it is your big day ultimately. Basically, do you own research and do it thoroughly before you finalize someone.

Time management

Bridal makeups takes a lot of time so plan ahead and make sure you have enough time in hand. Ask your makeup artist to reach the venue a little early, so that you have enough time to sort any of the last minute mistakes.

Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Be clear about the charges and know what you are paying for.

Try to wear the wedding outfit and jewellery on the day of makeup trial.

Arrange your trial in manner that you can test it both indoors and outdoors along with natural and artificial lights to get a clear idea.


Make sure there is not much gap between the trial day and your wedding because our skin undergoes changes so with longer duration the outcome will be different.

If you are blessed with good skin, don’t ruin it by putting excessive makeup. Instead focus on enhancing your own beauty.

Bridal makeup is something that you want it to be perfect. Hopefully this article will give you an idea of the things that you should consider before you sit in front of the mirror.

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