You don’t understand that you need to aim small miss small and fail forward to succeed fast. Why do 97% of the people entering the industry fail within 5 years? Because they have no clue how to aim small miss small and fail forward fast. Aim small miss small and fail forward fast is a philosophy about how to effectively market yourself so you have qualified prospects entering your sales funnel.

One of the biggest industry myths is that you just have to get in front of more people. Getting in front of more people doesn’t equate to increased sales. Getting in front of the right people for the right reason directly equates to more sales. But that’s nearly impossible to do when you don’t have an effective way to market yourself.

There isn’t just one way to market yourself, there are many. And you never want to solely rely on just one way to market yourself because if something outside your control makes that way unworkable you’re back to square one. So what exactly is aiming small missing small and failing forward fast?

Aiming small missing small and failing forward fast is the philosophy you want to follow when you’re developing your marketing plan. You never want to develop a marketing plan that requires you to do things on a grand and expensive scale. When those marketing initiatives don’t pan out you end up with no new prospects, an empty pocketbook, and sometimes worse off than if you had done nothing at all because your marketing effectively alienated the people you reached out to. Your marketing plan should consist of several marketing activities that you develop a system for. Each system should be targeted to a small number of people so you can track your numbers and determine what works, and you can follow-up on your marketing activities to generate sales. When you decide to send 5,000 post cards to invite people to your upcoming seminar you don’t know enough about the people you’re sending the post cards to, and you couldn’t possibly make 5,000 phone calls to follow-up with these people. Thus the entire effort is a bust. You get less than a half a percent response rate, and the ones that do show up are low value prospects.

Failing forward fast means you quickly learn what doesn’t work so you can learn what does work. Because you’re focusing on small scale efforts when something is a bust it didn’t cost you much and you can learn a lot about why it was a bust. Because you understand what didn’t work you can make adaptations until you figure out what does work, or until you figure out what works even better. Then and only then do you ramp up your efforts to generate a consistent and predictable number of new leads for your sales funnel.

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