There are two ways to make it in this business, the hard way and the smart way. Most agent’s think if they just work hard enough and pay their dues they’ll make it. Yet the statistics prove that’s far from the truth. Working yourself to death doesn’t get you wealth. It just burns you out and destroys your self-confidence and leaves you broken with little to show for all your hard work. Doing “what everyone else does” isn’t how you work smarter and it isn’t how you build your own personal wealth.

Working smarter means your focus has to be on results and productivity not activity. Activity doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with results. Review your activity this week. How many appointments were you able to hold? Of those appointments how many have a realistic chance of turning into business within the next three months? If you find that getting appointments is a struggle and that few of the people you meet with are real prospects accept that you’re working harder not smarter.

Productivity is directly proportional to the quality of the appointments you hold. If you want to increase the quality of your appointments you have to change who you’re focusing on and why. If you don’t know why someone should want to meet with you how do you expect them to? Because we are very self-centered and always looking out for something that benefits me you can’t expect us to guess or extrapolate why we should want to meet with you.

You need to know your prospects better than they know themselves. That’s impossible when you’re trying to meet with anyone and everyone. You must be able to clearly articulate an emotionally powerful benefit that the people you want to meet with really want.

If wealth building were directly proportional to effort there would be a ton of success in the industry, but we both know that isn’t the case. Doing what everyone else is doing just doesn’t help you. When you do that you’re nothing more than a commodity and that’s a very unattractive position to be in. As a commodity you don’t build a relationship. You don’t build loyalty and you don’t build a business that will enhance your personal wealth.

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