NOW FAITH IS.... What does that say to you? NOW FAITH IS.... Does it say to you that Faith is "out there" in the future, "one day to come?" the " you will, you just wait, its possible" syndrome OR, do you have FAITH NOW?

I find myself in the space of BEING consciously aware of where I place my FAITH. The more conscious and aware I AM becoming the more I notice myself listening to the words that I speak and how I talk to my Students, friends, and associates. And what I noticed was that although I said I had FAITH I placed that FAITH in the "one day, it will come" energy and because I did that that is exactly what I have experienced which is why I have had such a difficult time consciously understanding FAITH. UNTIL I DID NOT ANYMORE!

I was watching one of my favorite Teachers on TV and he said very clearly that NOW.... FAITH IS! A light bulb went off in my head. FAITH is the "substance of the things unseen, the substance of things that are hoped for" and for me, that says in order to experience FAITH I have to KNOW that NOW.... FAITH IS! And I can do that by speaking, walking, talking, and acting as IF it already IS here NOW which is where FAITH IS!

I GOT THAT! This is BIG for me! One of my Students used to remind me that it is "Happening NOW" when she used to hear me place my FAITH "out there." I AM experiencing that by KNOWING that NOW....FAITH IS I have taken back my POWER, and have chosen to work WITH the Universe. BEINGS of Light, Take Back Your Power! Use your power within yourself to manifest what it IS that you desire in your life!

This is why I feel we are here! So,that we can consciously KNOW, and EXPERIENCE Heaven on Earth. I have been allowing my imagination to run wild. I have been allowing myself to dream and to laugh and to BELIEVE! I have been allowing myself to PLAY with Life! We are here to LIVE! I AM here to Live! You are here to Live!

ALLOW yourself to Create, Imagine, Dream,and Love Life! Join me in Allowing yourself to KNOW, LIVE & EXPERIENCE that,NOW.... FAITH IS!!


Author's Bio: 

I AM a Spirtual Counselor Expert. One who listens, guides, uplifrts, supports, motivates, and Inspires Others to look deep within themselves and create who they truly are. I AM here to BE an example of LOVE in the best way that this Universe see's fit.

I AM a Communications Expert. Ihave over 15 years of Communication Skills and Listening Skills, to where I have developed Empathy and Compassion and use that energy to listen and communicate with and NOT judgement and condemnation.

I AM here to HELP YOU! Thank you for keeping your divine appointment with yourself. Your Spirit has brought you here because you are choosing to LIVE AND BE FREE, not someone here following rules and living a mundane life! It takes work, dedication, commitment, determination, fearlessness, courage, strength, and love. You have all of those qualities right NOW within you, it is up to you whether you allow those qualities to come forth and SHINE!