Right when braces are placed on your teeth, the very first problem that comes to your mind is how to take care of them as well as your teeth. But although braces are seen like a thorny pack of wires and brackets, their maintenance is not that tough. Even if you be cautious about the fundamental things, you can prevent yourself from going through more valued dental treatments further. And for this reason you need to be aware of what occurs indeed to your teeth at the time when you don braces.

The primary task of braces is to switch your teeth to their ideal spots. Because your teeth move into the gums to new positions you feel them to be detached and tender. Whenever you sense a tooth quite loose, rather than shaking it or making an effort to drag it, you must at once call your orthodontist and talk about the tooth. The orthodontist can better give advice about what can be done to save the tooth.

Another most commonly occurring hardship as a consequence of braces is the cuts you undergo produced by the scratching of the wires with the internal skin of your cheeks and lips. The wires also start poking in your cheeks’ inner skin when your teeth come together because of the treatment. This results in oral ulcers, if you don’t solve the injury. Orthodontist offers you dental wax which is to be fixed on the end points of the wires to coat them. You can also approach your orthodontist and have the wire clipped. The dental wax can also be brought into use to wear on the injury and safeguard them from rubbing against the wires again which can aggravate them.

To keep proper hygiene of your teeth at the time when they are wearing braces on them have to be provided special caution. For this job, a water pik is the most appropriate tool. You can use it in addition to the day-to-day brushing. It gives added cleanliness by cleaning the places between the teeth. Flossing by using the usual floss is complicated when the aligners are placed on the teeth. Water pik floss is useful to you to clean the points of the mouth which you overlook while brushing. You have to also bring mouthwashes into use which your orthodontist prescribes so as to safeguard the tooth for 24 hours.

There are more chances of breaking of teeth when the straighteners are worn on them. So you need to take care regarding your foods. Abstain from biting hard, crisp foods and also sugary ones which generate acidic layer on your teeth inside which pathogens develop which destroy your teeth. The stiff food items have great chances to get fastened in your braces and also hurt your teeth. When there are braces placed on your teeth, you need to be extra careful with your foods, because hygiene is a hard job. It may happen that though you do the cleaning correctly on your part, the food particles entangled in the braces may not be cleared off. Therefore don’t call for such kinds of complexities by consuming risky foods. Eat soft food items which are more natural and non-sticky. Natural foods have lowest chances to get entangled in teeth and braces and even if they do, they are eliminated with a simple burble. They don’t create acidic layer on the teeth to invite development of harmful microorganisms.

Thus by following easy activities you will be able to maintain the health of your teeth and braces.

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