Looking for the best dog microchip company for the most reliable pet tracking chip is a difficult leap today. With multiple options out there, opting for the right dog tracking chip providing the best pet health insurance as well is a challenge. The investment you make for the safety of your pet has to yield in times of need. There are several prevailing systems today charging a hefty amount delivering cheap quality material and tracking system. Here are some of the most promising options over the years of service, maintaining perseverance in the market with great benefits.

1. Healthy Paws: Scoring the highest in terms of policy coverage, providing great returns and with three yearly plans available to choose from are very flexible. Apart from no yearly limits, there also are no conditional payments and no hidden costs. In the business of Pet Insurance and Tracking, these have the best customer service.

2. Pets Best: This is one of the least expensive insurance giving emergency coverage of $5000 annually. Offering live chat, phone, and email services. There is also the benefit of customizable and tailored plans to make as per the need.

3. Petplan: With annual deductibles of $100 to $2500, these customizable plans give an annual coverage amount from $2500 to unlimited. Their policies are crystal clear and also has the best customer service in the category. The hereditary and congenital conditions are also covered with no age restrictions.

Apart from insurance facilities, the tracking services from the various others in the market is another anchor to be released from. A need for reliable, affordable and long lasting tracking device with most features and benefits are on a raise. Here are some of the best tracking devices to choose from.

1. Marco Polo pet monitoring: There are the microchips for cats and dogs as well. The battery can last up to 90days and comes with a handheld locator, tag for pet and a charger. There are no further subscription or monthly fees included. One time payment for the system might be high for up front but it covers up to 3 pets and is the best buy out there.

2. Pod GPS and Wifi Tracker: Claimed to be the smallest and lightest real-time pet tracking chip. It locates on indoor and outdoor using Wifi and GPS. Also providing alerts when a pet leaves your assigned safe zone is a benefit. The pod in the collar belt is waterproof and very small. A 2G network is needed pre-hand for the Pod to function.

3. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker: Has optional subscription service and offers the most accurate live real-time GPS tracking. Works best for pets larger than 9 pounds and the tractive is durable and waterproof. This also needs a cell service to provide the tracking information.

From the wide availability, the above are the top dog and cat tracking chip providers and best pet health insurance firms.

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Save This Life's innovative technology has revolutionized the microchip for cats. The leaders of Save This Life are former rescuers who have developed a superior method of helping lost pets find their way home safely.