Today is Thankful Thursday.

I am happy to be back at Self-Growth after my husband's untimely passing.

I am here to share November News: My Top 10 articles that are shared around the world that bring people the most interest.

Most are in the area of social media. Let's get started.

YouTube to MP3 Converter Safe Reddit
My collection of YouTube to MP3 converters is currently my top post. I even discovered a new tool: MP3 Shark that you can use as a YouTube to MP3 downloader. The post also shares how to download MP4, YouTube videos. All of this naturally, is free.
If you are interested check out

Inspiration Monday Link Party
After years of hosting the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party, I find my 353th party ranks in Position #2. People come from all over on Mondays to get inspired. If you want to be inspired too, check out

TikTok Account Suspended
My TikTok Jail article ranks for over 900 keywords! After reigning as #1 for a long time, how to get out of TikTok Jail fell to #3. If you find yourself in TikTok Jail, check out this article on how to get out:

Do you remember when my post sharing how to get out of Facebook Jail ranked as my top performer for years? If you ever find yourself in Facebook Jail, check out

Chat GPT Download
Have you started using ChatGPT? Use it as your own free personal virtual assistant. ChatGPT as an AI knows it all. Give it a try and follow this Chat GPT download tutorial:

Best I Can Do Memes
My Best I Can Do Meme Generators explain how to make free memes. The post focuses on Rick Harrison's show Pawn Stars and shows you how to make Rick Harrison Pawn Stars memes. Interested? Go to

If You Search Someone on Facebook, Do You Show Up as a Suggested Friend?
Do you know what happens when you perform a friend search on Facebook? Facebook values privacy, so there is a combination of factors. See what they are:

What Does Bump Mean on Facebook?
Do you know what the mysterious Bump means on Facebook? It's actually an effective obscure marketing hack. Get more visibility to your Facebook content by following these tips:

How to TimeStamp YouTube Comments
Did you know that you could timestamp YouTube comments? Do you know why you SHOULD timestamp YouTube comments? See the benefits for you and your viewers:

Delete Reddit Messages
Does your Reddit inbox become filled with clutter? Do you know how to rid yourself of the messages? Check out this tutorial and learn how:

Fake Zip Code:
Why would you ever need a fake zipcode? Is generating one illegal? No! Check out how to make one and the reasons you might need a fake zipcode:

Pros and Cons of Instagram
Do you know the advantages of Instagram? Do you know why you should stay away from the site? This post contains new benefits you should discover:

Conclusion: I'm happy to be back sharing my wins with you all. Enjoy the information!

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Janice Wald is the founder of and co-founder of the Mostly Blogging Academy. She is an ebook author, blogger, blogging coach, blogging judge, freelance writer, and speaker. She won the Best Internet Marketer Award and the Best Blogger Award at the 2021 Infinity Blog Awards. Wald was also nominated as 2019 Best Internet Marketer by the Infinity Blog Awards and in 2017 as the Most Informative Blogger by the London Bloggers Bash. She’s been featured on Small Business Trends, the Huffington Post, and Lifehack.