As a writer I have written more than 20 books on outdoor and business topics. "Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Relatives" is now available as an audio book and is to be followed by an e-book, softcover, and perhaps ultimately a movie.

My novel whose progress some of you have been following on Linkedin, Facebook, and YouTube is now available as an audio book from Lantern Audio as a 12 hour listen. The book was performed by Fleet Cooper who voices all of the 70 characters. He does a remarkable job of quickly transitioning from Louisianians of Sicilian origin to Italian Mafia, to an Irish priest, gay strippers, along with a variety of "bit players" with whom the characters react.

Two chapters of the book, numbers 8 and 30, are available on my Hovey Smith YouTube channel. A Google of the book's title will find them.

This is a romance-adventure novel with doses of humor. Two dissimilar brothers go on a family vacation to Sicily with their mother, father, sister, and gay hairdresser uncle and discover when they arrive on Monday that not only are they related to one of the most powerful Mafia families in Italy, they are to be married on Friday to two women they have never heard of or none will leave the island alive. These unions are opposed by a rival mob from Naples who are determined to stop the wedding at all cost while the proceedings are being observed by the FBI and AIA, the Italian anti-Mafia association.

This book is available at Lantern Audio. com for a price of $14.99.

It may be ordered at: for $14.99. Cut and paste the U.R.L. into your browser to order.

Author's Bio: 

Wm. Hovey Smith is the author of more than 20 books and has produced some 900 YouTube videos on outdoor, business, and environmental topics. Until Death is his first novel and is the results of some 5 years of preparation including a trip to Sicily to view the locations. He has also written a screenplay based on the novel which is available for option.