One of the Success Stories of Female Entrepreneurs, Nour Al Hassan It was the fascination for languages I and the way we communicate that inspired Nour Al Hassan to build Tarjama in 2008 to meet the growing demand for high-quality translation services that cater to the unique multicultural environment of the Middle East.

Nour comes from a background in law and is a lawyer by education and training. After graduating, she worked at an international organization in Jordan. Working in a fast-paced environment with very tight deadlines for deliverables, she saw the massive need for professional Arabic translation. She noticed that there was a clear lack of available language solutions geared for businesses in Jordan and the MENA region, and tailored for the Arabic language in specific. This motivated her to start Tarjama in 2008 to meet this frustrating demand.

Nour started Tarjama with only two female linguists working remotely with her. She saw the undervalued network of exceptional and talented women in Jordan, and across the MENA region, and that drove her to focus on training and employing the largest network of Arabic-speaking female translators and linguists.

Delivering an End-to-End Range of Language Solutions

In order to provide customers with better and more cost-effective services, Nour strategically shifted Tarjama from a traditional translation agency to a smart language solutions provider that offers an end-to-end range of language solutions – all geared with tech-powered human delivery. Using the data and experience the company has accumulated over the years, it has built its own language technology, including Machine Translation, Translation Management System, Client Portal, Optical Character Recognition, Auto-Subtitling Tool, Business Dictionary Platform, and more. Currently, its entire operations staff is aided with its in-house proprietary technology, which enables them to work smarter, saving them time which they can spend on the more creative, meaningful aspects of their work and resulting in better delivery for its valued clients.

Tarjama’s broad range of language solutions include app and web localization, transcreation, editing & proofreading, copywriting, subtitling, transcription, interpretation, and design – all in more than 55 languages. Companies looking for any type of multilingual content are able to find what they need at Tarjama.

A Take on Impactful Leadership

Nour believes that the mark of a successful business leader is in the ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment. A business leader needs to always be open to new ideas, discussions, and finding innovative solutions to existing problems. Thinking outside of the box is vital. According to her, whether it’s with their team members, investors, prospects, or customers, a good business leader must have excellent communication skills.

Lastly, she is of the opinion that storytelling is an essential business skill for entrepreneurs. A compelling brand story will help customers (and investors), engage with you and relate to the value you are offering. If entrepreneurs are not able to exceptionally communicate their brand story and the change it can bring, it can become a huge barrier in getting access to necessary funding.

Developing Existing Solutions

Currently, Nour is focusing her energy on leading the language technology space across the MENA region. To do this, Tarjama is heavily investing in its AI projects, improving its machine learning algorithms, and identifying new language solutions to enable smarter, faster business workflows and results. The company’s focus is to further develop its existing technology solutions, in addition to building new ones that meet the market demands, and especially the unique challenges of the Arabic language. Its goal is to partner with enterprises to maximize their localization efficiency, decrease their costs, and grant them data security – enabling them to grow rapidly. In the coming years, Nour aims to leave an impact beyond the MENA region. All the efforts of Nour are directed to enable companies to globally scale with speed by offering them smart language solutions that are high-quality, cost-effective, and secure.

Staying Up-to-Date with Technological Trends

Technology is at the core of what Tarjama does. Through technology the company is able to transform business processes, enabling 10 people to do the work of 50, and better!

To keep herself updated with the latest technology, Nour makes sure to follow and read the latest reports, news and social media updates on technology. She spends time attending webinars and conferences about emerging technology and AI in business and the language industry. She also has an excellent AI Advisor who helps the company stay ahead of the tech growth curve.

Words of Wisdom

Nour advises companies that want to embrace the full power of AI to utilize an AI advisor whose role would be to guide you in making strategic decisions based on hands-on experience, hire experts, and invest heavily in machine learning, AI and data science.

She states, “As your company grows, your talents should be growing with you. Invest in upskilling your talents so they can develop and give more to the company, in addition to feeling a sense of fulfilment.”

“Make their work meaningful and valuable – make sure your talents know the company’s purpose & vision and what their role is in attaining that. If your employees are doing work with purpose, they will work more passionately and happily, which means they’re more likely to stick around and make your tech team a successful one,” she adds.

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