Testicle is an important organ in males. Once there is a bacterial infection, the testicle may be infected. There are sufficient blood and lymphatic fluid in the testicle, which can improve its ability to fight against infection. But for a male with poor physical health, his ability to resist inflammation will be reduced, thus leading to orchitis when there is a bacterial infection in the testicle.

Notice the harm of orchitis

1. Affect fertility

Testicle is the organ that produces sperm, and if you have orchitis, it will lead to dead sperm or no sperm. Especially for young men, if you don't push on with the treatment for orchitis, it can affect fertility to some extent. In severe cases, it will make you infertile, which is not an exaggeration.

2. Induce gynecological diseases

Even though the orchitis is a male disease, the bacteria can be passed to the female sexual partner if you have unclean sexual life. The appearance of orchitis may be bacterial or viral, when the factor runs into the female body, it will be likely to induce gynecological diseases.

3. Give rise to other problems and symptoms

If left untreated for too long, the orchitis will lead to other problems in males, such as prostate diseases, endocrine lesions, nephritis, urinary tract infection and even malignant tumor.

When orchitis occurs, the patient needs to take it more seriously, and when nursing, it is not suggested to overwork. You should combine work and rest, and get treated as soon as possible.

How is orchitis treated?

1. Traditional Chinese medicine

The treatment principle is to clear heat, achieve detoxification and eliminate inflammation. The commonly used medical herbs include gentian, bupleurum, phellodendron, scutellaria baicalensis, plantain, alisma and so on. If it is the viral orchitis, you can use herbal silver flower, forsythia, banlangen, ginseng, dandelion, indigo naturalis and so on. Luckily, these is a herbal medicine that can meet your needs, which is the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is a natural therapy, and can help patients solve orchitis and other urinary problems effectively, while producing no side effects.

2. External use of medication

Apply rice bean powder and duck egg-white protein to the scrotum. Twice a day. This method can help you reduce pain and swelling in the testicles. This method is for reference only, if necessary, you can consult your doctor.

3. Treatment of bacterial orchitis

Procaine penicillin is usually administered as an intramuscular injection, twice a day. Or you can use the gentamicin as a substitute. Commonly, you need to do so for about a week. After the inflammation has be well controlled, oral antibiotics such as aventamicin, compound neoxamine or offoxacin can be used instead. Don’t take medicine at will. Before doing so, you should also consult your doctor for more suitable suggestion.

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