People who often go to the hospital for physical examination are familiar with the routine urine test, which is a common hospital item for genito-urinary system diseases. Through the examination, the doctor can determine whether the patient has a genito-urinary system disease. So people should pay attention to this test.

A routine urine test is the one that people do a lot. What is it?

It is known as a common examination in the hospital. If the reproductive organs of urinary system have been diseased, the composition of urine will get changed, accompanied by proteinuria or turbid urinary fluid phenomenon, and even blood in the urine. Through the urine routine test, the doctor can find a variety of diseases in human body in time. It is a good test for people to do early prevention.

The routine urine test involves many urinary aspects, including the urine color, the urinary sediment, the pH value of the urine, red and white blood cell content, determination of sugar content and so on.

The routine urine test is very important for body health. To make sure the accurate results, what should you pay attention to during the test?

1.Under the influence of other test items patients used to receive, they may believe that they should not eat or drink before the test, which is actually a wrong understanding. Normal eating and drinking usually do not affect the test results.

2.When taking urine, it is better to choose the urinary fluid in the middle stage of urination. The doctor explains that because the urine at the beginning and the end of urination is easily affected by the external health status of the body.

3.The disposable sterile urine cup or test tube provided by the hospital must be used when taking urine, to avoid other bacteria affecting the examination results.

4.Normally, the urine at any time can be used for the routine urine test. But in the event that the patient has kidney problems, the doctor suggests that it's better to get up in the morning and take the urine, which can make the result more accurate.

5.After the urinary fluid is discharged, it should be sent to the laboratory immediately. Since if the urine is placed for too long, the composition in the urine will produce a chemical reaction, which will affect the accuracy of the examination results.

6.Women in the routine urine test must notice that the urine can not be mixed with leucorrhea, vaginal secretions and other substances from the private part, which can also affect the examination results.

7.Many patients with genito-urinary tract infection will take many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs due to the need of treatment, which will affect the examination results, according to the doctor's opinion. Therefore, it is important to suspend the drugs for a period of time before the routine urine test.

Routine urine test is necessary and helpful. After the test, many common diseases such as prostatitis and diabetes can be detected in a timely manner, which is of great help for people to carry out the treatment of diseases. People must pay attention to the above points during the test. Only in this way can the related result be more accurate to make more suitable treatment.

Usually, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good option for patients with chronic prostatitis and other urogenital diseases. Adhering to the medicine, patients can get cured without any side effects. Besides, to better improve the urogenital system, people should keep good habits in daily life, such as drinking more water, urinating in time, avoiding sitting for too long, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and always doing more exercise.

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