Prostatitis is common in adult men. It is easy to attack repeatedly after antibiotics treatments, which brings great psychological pressure to men.

Next, let's take a look at what we need to notice to prevent prostatitis recurrence.

1. Get a real cure

If prostatitis is not completely cured at the beginning, recurrence is sure to occur. If you want to prevent prostatitis from recurring attacks, you should go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor to get treatment. Only after the prostatitis is completely cured can it be possible to end the possibility of recurrence.

It is necessary and urgent to treat acute bacterial prostatitis with antibiotics. Once clinical diagnosis or blood and urine culture results are obtained, take antibiotics immediately according to your test results. It is recommended to use antibiotics intravenously at the beginning, and oral drugs are recommended for at least four weeks after your fever and other symptoms improved.

At present, only about 5% of patients with chronic prostatitis have a definite bacterial infection, and most people are infected with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Since there are no bacteria found in the test, the therapeutic effect of antibiotics is not apparent. Traditional Chinese medicine's therapeutic effect in chronic prostatitis has been paid more and more attention, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

It can effectively solve the problem of prostate drug penetration and drug absorption. The drug is powerful and reaches the affected area, making the prostate body gradually shrink and inflammation steadily eliminated. Moreover, it can make the sexual dysfunction caused by prostatitis recover, urinate smoothly, sexual function recover completely, and all discomfort caused by prostate disease disappear.

2. Regular inspection after a cure

After prostatitis is cured, regularly go to the hospital to do a prostate examination to see whether there are signs of recurrence or some new problems such as prostatic hyperplasia. If you want to protect this organ of the prostate, it is necessary to do a regular inspection so that when there is a recurrence of prostatitis, you can find it in time and strangle it in the cradle in time.

3. Nutrition supplement

Zinc is an essential element for men. The prostate is an organ that collects zinc for male sperm. If you want to protect the prostate and let prostatitis no longer attack, you have to eat some food rich in zinc. Common foods rich in zinc include beef, mutton, oysters, laver, sesame, walnut, etc. Men who have recurrent prostatitis can eat more of these foods in their daily life.

4. Don't hurt the prostate in your life

Men's prostate is a relatively fragile organ, so men need to protect it. If you want to make prostatitis no longer recurrent attacks, you can't hurt the prostate at the same time of treatment. Pay more attention to your life to prevent the recurrence of prostatitis. For example, don't sit for a long time, don't often wear tight pants, don't abuse antibiotics, don't be too frequent in sexual life, and so on.

5. Have regular life, and do more exercise

If you want to protect the prostate, you have to keep your body in a healthy state all the time. It would be best if you lived a regular life. You should eat, sleep and exercise on time. The body is the capital of the revolution. If men live unhealthily, they will easily have problems, especially prostatitis.

The attack of prostatitis repeatedly brings great mental pressure to men. That to completely get rid of this disease, men have to go to the regular hospital for treatment and then pay attention to the above aspects.

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