As is known to all, holding back your urine for too long can cause a full bladder, which may increase the incidence of getting some bad symptoms. Doctors point out that a full bladder can trigger cystitis.

As a matter of fact, the bladder is more delicate than we think, and some bad living habits can make it sick. The average bladder volume of an adult is 350ml to 500ml. When it's over 500ml, you will feel pain due to excessive bladder tension.

Commonly, women have smaller bladder volumes than men. But whether you are a man or woman, if your bladder often keeps full for too long, it will seriously increase muscle burden and lead to decreased sphincter function of the bladder, resulting in incontinence, frequent urination, weakness of urine and other painful symptoms.

Doctors say that cystitis can easily spread, which makes the treatment of cystitis relatively hard. If left untreated for too long, patients will have to deal with more diseases related to the urogenital system.

Clinically, cystitis can be divided into acute and chronic types. Patients with acute cystitis can take antibiotics, which is usually used for a few days before getting better. For treatment for chronic cystitis, it is relatively intractable and may need to last for a long time.

Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often taken in this case. It can effectively cure inflammations of urinary system in both men and women.

Holding backing urine is definitely a bad habit, which is one of the causes of cystitis. Therefore, in addition to medication, you should also attach importance to your living habits. Keep good habits can be useful for us to stay away from bad symptoms and improve the quality of life.

Water circulating is important for human body, which means you need to drink more water and urinate in time. Paying attention to personal hygiene is important as well. You need to take a regular bath and wash your clothes frequently, preventing germs and bacteria from invading your body. Only when the body is cleaned properly can cystitis be improved better.

In a word, if you are fine right now, keeping some good habits will benefit you a lot. If you feel something wrong with your body, getting checked in time is necessary. When you are in trouble of some disease, actively receiving treatment can help you pull through.

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