Both in your business life and your personal life nothing is a waste of time if you take the capitalize on everything you do approach. Here are 10 ways to benefit.

Of course you do. Never be upset with what you don’t have. Strive to be content with what you have and think of ways to appreciate it more and to grow it into something greater than it is now. The secret to happiness is making the most of everything that comes your way. If you look at what is missing then sure you won’t be over the moon. So you have to embrace what you have and make a go of it.

TIP 1 – being unhappy or thinking you are not happy is a time waster – get a life by embracing and working with what you have.

Follow your heart is following what you love. That really is what dreams are all about – following what you love, doing what you love and creating what you love. Sure you should dream and work on making those dreams real.

TIP 2 – Unrealistic dreams are time wasters but dreams that are really the yearnings of your heart, mind and soul should be followed, developed and realized.

At times there are friends, frienemies and enemies – but in the work place and the business world it is difficult to know who is who. I can only tell you what works for me. In the work place frienemies and enemies are a fact of life and I am not leaving any work place because of them. I concentrate on the bigger picture and what I want to achieve in my life. However, when it comes to social situations, this is my relaxation time, my down time and I refuse to allow any stress. In my free time – I will only spend it with people who are uplifting in some way.

TIP 3 – no relationship was a waste of time. At the very least it teaches you what doesn’t work and what you don’t want. Embrace friendship but realize that not all will be true friends.

4. Life will never be better
Life is like a game of snakes and ladders (Chutes and Ladders).

There will be ups and downs. That is life – live with it and enjoy it when it goes up and know when it is down that it can go up again if you are doing something that is right.

TIP 4 – Chin up when your world is down. Make hay when the sun shines and cool it when the winter is colder than you expected. Keeping optimistic is the best maximizer of time.

We make mistakes – that is life. Some mistakes are worse than others – but you need to be the Come-Back Kid after a fall. Treat your life experience as stepping stones to less mistakes.

TIP 5 - If you think some people never make mistakes then you haven’t studied enough the lives of the great entrepreneurs. Spending too much time crying over mistakes is a time waster so get back on that saddle as soon as you fall off and ride faster the next time.

Of course there is the view that if you really love something then it is not like working, but apart from that there has to be some painstaking preparation or work at some stage in the process of creating success. Take responsibility for your success and go all out for it.

Tip 6: Even dreams are using thinking power. Look at the lives of the greats – Edison, Gates and Jobs – all have worked passionately hard at times. Get cracking on working out your success plan.

7. My past determines my future.
It depends what you did in your past. Some things you have done in the past will affect the future but what we have to do is capitalize on our past and make everything work for our advantage.

Tip 7: Your past, present and future matter and you should make the best use of all.

Friends come and go – that is life. This happens because people’s lives change – some friendships will grow while others will fade away. The best friends are people who have similar interests to you, so as you develop your interests let in people who gel with these interests. We may also have to let go some people who we valued in our lives.

TIP 8: Let new people into your life while you let go of people who have left your orbit for some reason. Don’t waste too much time mourning about them. They may come back although some won’t. You can cherish the memories while getting on with your life at the same time.

Doubts are natural but have the mindset that what you are doing is a work in progress and keep chugging along.

TIP 9: Keep working at what you want. Confucius reportedly said –that it does not matter how slowly you go so long as you don’t stop. Slowness is better than not doing and one day you may find you have won just like the tortoise in the great race with the hare.

The best life will be a life that you look upon and say to yourself – I am amazed I did that. Wow I really did achieve and do that.

TIP 10: Time passes and one day we will be at the end of our lives – at that stage will we be able to say that overall we gave it our best shot. It is never too late to make up for lost time.

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