B: Bump up your mind to the highest level by reminding yourself that nothing can make you unhappy.
L: Little things should never take away your precious peace of mind, so reduce every issue in your life to its smallest point and then crush it in your thoughts and reality!
E: Every day when things cause you concern – give those issues the let it be treatment (can you exist calmly with it) or the let go treatment (a way to just let it slip away). Everything is alright is the place of mind and thinking you should embrace.
S: See everything with new eyes and see why you can live with the issues that you face in your life.
S: See fun, see joy, see blessings, see blessings in disguise, see opportunities, see yourself as letting go and letting equanimity and peace in.

Y: You can do it with practice – you can be more peaceful, calm, serene and joyful if you let it be.
O: Our lives should be bearable, our lives should be joyful so it is up to us to see the joy, blessings and worthiness of the lives we live.
U: Up the ante in your life by challenging yourself to be more peaceful and calm in every single situation you face.

We are more judgmental than we realize and while discernment has its upsides, too much judgment can make our lives unbearable for us. We actually live with ourselves 24/7. Thus we could have a more peaceful life if we let go of many of the irritations or reduce them to no more than dust we can easily brush off or flick away. For example, what about those noisy neighborhood kids? Instead of seeing them as an irritation, think of the fun and joy they express.

Get the power of let it go in your life. Let it go. When you are thinking of an issue in your life can you let it go? Or if you have to live with it – then see if you can let it be. That means it just exists and you can exist with it calmly and in peace. With everything that has been driving you crazy – give it the let go and the let it be treatment.

Another way of letting go is to change the topic. Think of something else or get out of its orbit for a while, while you are ensuring you can remain peaceful. Go for a walk, have a shower, do a dance – something that takes your mind off what is causing you concern. Another way to change the topic is to look at wonderful pictures of nature. Immediately there will be more peace. Let it go by letting it be and you find you feel relief and when you feel relief you feel at peace.

What do you obsess about? One way to be more accepting of life is to think of adages that work for you.

One adage that works for many people is: When one door closes another one opens. Try that for a week whenever you feel less than positive. It may not seem relevant to every situation but just try it next time the weather is not up to par or you are seated next to the toilet entrance at a restaurant. Alternatively make let go and let it be your watchwords (a rallying phrase).

Take a step back from irritable situations and consciously have a shift in focus. See the blessings in every situation. Thus in reality we are focusing upon the good in a situation, we are focusing on what we can make of a situation (the pregnant opportunities). Now that is living life at its highest!

See the blessings in every situation –

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