Harsh weather exposure and the wear and tear caused by Mother Nature on your commercial property will make your business premise look shabby and un-inviting! And as obvious, this never bodes well if you wish to accomplish that compelling 1st impression.

As per the popular word of mouth, pressure cleaning is one effective way to remove grime, mildew, dirt and even moulds from your commercial property. And because the basics of this cleaning involve spraying high-pressure water on those filthy areas- you may begin to wonder- How Hard Can This Be...? 

(Well, if you only knew the dangers...)

Noteworthy RISKS Of DIY Pressure Cleaning:-

The truth is, performing DIY pressure cleaning comes with a lot of risks. If anything you present an open invitation to some serious dangers.

Digging Deeper...

Pressure washing tools use either an electric motor, a gas engine or even a concentrated nozzle to propel the water pressure. Professionals who conduct high-pressure cleaning in Melton say that the water pressure from the hose connection is almost 30-80 times more than normal. 

So, if a regular lawn hose ejects water at a pressure of 40-50 pounds, the water pressure from professional-level pressure washers will be around 1,500-4,000 psi. And that is some serious amount of power. 

When used appropriately, this high-pressure water will blast through any stains or adamant dirt existing on different areas of your commercial property. But, when used inadequately or even recklessly misdirected- they can inflict serious injuries. They are powerful enough to severely damage the skin (in mere seconds even from a fair distance). Some common injuries which result from high-pressure cleaning include:- Eye injuries, bad bruises and even severe puncture wounds.

Other Than Being A Risk To Your Health, DIY High-Pressure Washing Also Poses Other Dangers.

  • When you spray on a particular area, the debris and stubborn dirt doesn’t magically vanish. Due to the pressure of water, those existing debris burst open and fly in every direction. This could turn a 2-hour job (for example) into a whole day chore. Not to forget the cleaning which you also have to take care of afterwards.
  • In-experienced users can even risk puncturing holes into their skirt boards and commercial fences. If misdirected, they can even blow out your commercial building windows. And with the existence of numerous electrical appliances and power points (as is the case in any commercial set-up), it could also start an electrical fire hazard (which is the 3rd biggest cause of death in Australia).
  • If you thought these were bad?- Think again! When operating on those difficult-to-reach spots- quality commercial pressure cleaning experts in Wyndham say 80% of the injuries happen in those areas. When someone ascends a ladder and hits the nozzle, the kickback itself will throw them off balance and makes them crashing down hard.


High-pressure cleaning is not a DIY job! So, instead of flirting with danger and even risking the lives of others, it is wise to let the experts handle this. They have the skills, the knowledge and also the experience to safely operate these equipment. And having performed so many pressure cleaning operations over their tenure, they will be your best bet to clean your business premises without any serious mishaps.

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Author's Bio: 

The author...works in a team of quality commercial pressure cleaning experts in Wyndham and also extend their top-quality high-pressure cleaning to Melton.