True or false: Every now and then, you in your role as salesperson will meet someone who simply won't buy what you are selling. Well, obviously, that's true, right? I mean, no one has a 100% sales record. Because even though you have taken all the top-notch sales training courses and the best sales presentation training, your potential customers haven't. So all your sales tips and techniques won't work on someone who simply doesn't want to buy.

But maybe that's the wrong question. If we rephrase the question, then maybe the approach you can use changes. And if the approach changes, possibly the result changes. Possibly you get to 100% sales record. Let's try that different question.

True or false: Every now and then, you in your role as salesperson will meet someone who simply won't buy what you are selling RIGHT NOW. Oh, that's a little different, isn't it? Maybe if you shift your perspective from "selling now" to "selling ever," your sales approach will change.

1.Focus on establishing a relationship. Move from what you learned in the sales presentation training to what you've learned from establishing personal relationships. Focus more on establishing lines of communications and less on pushing your products or services.
2.Let the client know that they can come back to you as decision date gets closer. Tell them that your role is to help them make the best decision possible. Whatever information they need to best make that decision, you are available to provide it.
3.Use language of inclusion ("When we have our monthly meetings.." as opposed to "We offer you monthly meetings...") when explaining the benefits to the client.
4.Always look for openings to have them make a purchase to "lock in" a feature or a price. Establishing a relationship is nice. But having the client make a tangible commitment is better. And it can lead to greater opportunities to come back to the customer to move them further along the road to the ultimate purchase.
5.And look for ways to keep the sales presentation brief. Since it should be obvious that this particular session won't result in a sale, use the time efficiently to establish a relationship. Remember, not everything you have learned in your sales training courses is useful right now. But if you are going to spend a lot of time turning a potential sale in to an actual sale, spend that time as you travel along the path, not all at the beginning of the journey

Throughout this process, you will find opportunities to use specific sales tips and techniques, including stress mangement to keep you calm and focused during the sales process. Ways to close a sale. Methods of meeting and overcoming objections. Patterns of negotiating price. But here - for this situation - maybe put aside your sales negotiation training and focus on establishing a relationship that will lead to a sale.

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