It’s no secret that rugby involves a lot of intense physical activity, which is why people think that only men play the game. However, women’s rugby has increasingly become popular across the globe ever since its introduction. Here are a few reasons why female rugby players choose to take up the sport.


There are schools that incorporate rugby into their curriculum, whether as part of general physical education or as a special varsity program. Many women are introduced to the sport in this manner. They encounter rugby during their schooling and from then on it develops into a hobby or passion.

Multi-Faceted Sport

What makes a rugby team successful in a game is the wisest use of each player’s talent and strengths. The different positions in rugby call for different skills. A lot of women like this aspect of the sport because everyone has a valuable contribution to the team. One need not be the tallest or the most powerful female on the team to be an asset.

Athletic Discipline

The physically demanding nature of rugby requires its players, no matter what gender, to be in great shape. Therefore, participants in a women's rugby league have to be disciplined enough to maintain their bodies’ physical conditions. In addition, there are rules in the game that have to be followed for everyone’s safety. Some women like to play rugby for the discipline that it instills in them.


Since rugby is mostly considered a male sport, a number of women's rugby league players view the sport as a source of empowerment. The existence of female participation in the sport shows that women are every bit as capable as men when it comes to rugby. Despite the tough and challenging nature of the game, women are able to play it with the same physical ability and intensity that men do.


Another reason why women like to play rugby is for the sheer fun of it. Like in most sports, there is an adrenaline rush that accompanies every goal and field movement. In addition, a woman gets to play with female friends, family, or just other women who share the same love of the sport that they have. Playing in a women's rugby league is a fun way to pass the time while simultaneously making sure that the body and the mind are in good condition.

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