NOT MY WAY, LET YOUR WAY BE DONE! What do those words say and mean to you? I have been saying that statement above for at least 3 months and boy have I experienced the TRUE meaning of those words. I have been told that if we consciously KNEW what we were getting into or what we were really saying and doing regarding Spirituality then our EGO would never of let us get started to begin with! I find that so true!

I have had some experiences that I never even thought possible BECAUSE of my willingness and my desire to allow Spirit's Will to be done. One of the qualities I have come to acquire is BEING able to walk away from a situation that I may have thought unfair and STILL BE at peace with it! Not easy and yet I AM able to do that. I have remembered humility, and TRUST. TRUST that what I AM hearing Spirit say is really true for me. TRUST that Spirit is leading and guiding me and I AM exactly where I AM suppose to BE.

NOT MY WAY, LET YOUR WAY BE DONE! What does that say to YOU? When I first started ingesting this energy my EGO was like, Okay Spirit, I'm saying these words that are humbling so where is the evidence of those words? And there was NOTHING! I started to get upset and then I remembered that it is EGO that expects to see evidence, it is EGO that desires to KNOW before TRUSTING, it is EGO that says I have to have it like this, as that, in this way, or else.

As soon as I let THAT go I was able to see clearly evidence of NOT MY WAY, LET YOUR WAY BE DONE in my life! The simple fact that I can walk away from something even though EGO feels it is not right is evidence of Spirits Will. The fact that I can say those words and really mean it is evidence of Spirit at work in my life! The fact that I AM willing to BE humble is a HUGE fact that Spirit is working in my life because I used to be one with a IT'S EITHER MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY attitude and now to BE humble, I KNOW I HAVE CHANGED!

The other day I commented to Spirit and said Spirit if I would of KNOWN what NOT MY WAY, LET YOUR WAY BE DONE, really meant I don't feel I would of willingly put myself into a position to say them, which is the EXACT reason we don't KNOW until we do! NOT MY WAY, LET YOUR WAY BE DONE, is a very powerful energy, use it wisely and watch how your life changes for the better, it is the only thing that CAN happen........NOT MY WAY, LET YOUR WAY BE DONE, AND SO IT IS!


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Native of Detroit Michigan. Reside in Los Angeles CA. I have walked my Dark Night Of The Soul and have come out on the other side a WINNER! My life's goal is to help people remember who they truly are as well!

I have 22 years of Spiritual Practice under my belt, and now I AM here to share that with YOU! I AM here to help you LOVE YOURSELF on a deeper level than you even imagined possible as I AM-LIVING PROOF which is the title of my second book coming out next Spring.

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