Not Getting Pregnant: Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant Even Though I Am Ovulating

If you're looking for help getting pregnant then there are several things you can do to increase the chances of conception, all of which are natural methods. Many woman believe they may have fertility problems when it simply isn't the case.

It is not hard to understand why many women struggle as over the years most will have done their up most to keep themselves away from getting pregnant. Doing this will have effected the bodies fertility, but don't worry there are ways of giving it a boost.

As soon as you decide to try for a child try to take up a healthier lifestyle. Studies have shown that women who are either underweight or overweight have a lower chance of conceiving and having a good pregnancy than a healthy one.

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Try to eat a well balanced diet which includes plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods as these contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for increasing the chances of conception. Folic acid is also important so try to drink plenty of orange juice or take a supplement you can get from the chemists.

Some will advise you to have sex frequently but this doesn't actually help as there is only one small window each month during your period where you can become pregnant. This is during the ovulation stage of your cycle, if you have a regular cycle you can calculate this as about 14 days before your next cycle begins or you can purchase ovulation prediction kits for further aid... Also having sex too often is bad for the males fertility as it will lower sperm count.

When you do have sex try to do so in positions where the sperm will stay in the vagina and enter near the cervix (such as the missionary). Don't jump up immediately after sex as this will result in a loss of sperm and therefore a lower chance of getting pregnant.

Don't allow sex to become a routine just for the purpose of getting pregnant as this will cause your motivation and enjoyment to drop which can also lead to stress and this is terrible for your fertility rate.

Finally in regards to sex don't use lubricants such as KY-jelly as this is whats known as a sperm killer. This is because it damages your vaginal mucus and this effects the chances of the sperm surviving.

Things to avoid include drugs, alcohol and caffeine as well as smoking. I'd also recommend reading a good fertility book offering you help getting pregnant and trying to follow the advice they give as one of these could save you thousands on fertility treatment and for a fraction of the cost.

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When you decide to get pregnant, it involves a lot of things. You need to get ready your mind and body to conceive and you look forward to have a baby. When you try to get pregnant you find it's not a very easy task in the world. If you are trying to get pregnant and it is not going as smoothly as you had planned, you are surely looking for the ways and ideas on how to get pregnant. Getting pregnant is a challenge for a good percentage of new generation couples.

How to get pregnant is a question that many couples find asking themselves. They think even with all the efforts in the world conceiving a baby is not an easy task. It is said that there are very limited days in each month when a woman is fertile. So, when you decide to become parents you have to make sure that you are not doing anything which can reduces you chances of getting pregnant. Here are some most effective tips and natural methods which can help you in getting pregnant.

• Complete health check up- When you decide to get pregnant you need to go for complete health check up. You need to maintain a healthy life style. Make a healthy eating habit which involves green vegetables, fruits and fibers. A healthy body is more fertile than unhealthy body.

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• Stop birth control method- You need to quit your all the birth control methods as soon as possible when you decide to get pregnant. You cannot become pregnant instantly after quitting your birth control methods. It may take some time so, have patience.

• Well timed intercourse- You need to determine to notice your ovulation. Have sex with your partner around you ovulation cycle. A woman is more fertile around the ovulation period. It should be your priority to optimize your fertility and have sex 3 to 4 days before and after your ovulation.

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I'm often contacted by women or couples who are trying to conceive a son. Many of these folks know that timing your conception is very important. They know that there is likely an optimal day (or couple of days) each month when they have the best chance of getting a son rather than a daughter. But, they often don't know when these days are and they aren't sure how to figure out when they are. So, in the following article, I'll explain how to calculate or determine the best days on which to conceive a son.

The Days That Are Most Likely To Produce A Son Come After Ovulation: You may already know this, but the sperm that produces boy babies (the Y) are weaker and do not live for as long as the sperm that produces daughters (the X.) So while you are very much pulling for a Y to fertilize your egg so that you'll conceive a boy baby, you also have to know that these sperm do have certain vulnerabilities that you'll need to overcome when you're trying to get pregnant with a male.

One of the main vulnerabilities is that of time. To put it bluntly, these Y or boy producing sperm have a very short shelf life. So, to give these guys their best chance to survive long enough to fertilize the egg, you want for everything in the process to be ready. You want for the egg to already be waiting and ready to be fertilized. And this comes after ovulation, not before it.

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So, you can narrow down the optimal days for a boy or son conception by limiting sexual intercourse until after you get a positive reading with a very reliable ovulation predictor. (Different predictors have different directions as to when and how you get a positive reading.) So this late window is beginning to narrow your optimal days down, but you'll need to take this a step further to give yourself the best chance of being successful.

Calculating The Days When Your PH Is Optimal Is Important Also: Building on the idea that the Y sperm have vulnerabilities that must be overcome, another area where they are vulnerable is that of PH and acidity. See, Y sperm do not thrive in an acidic environment. That's actually an understatement. In fact, they die off much more quickly when your vaginal environment is an acidic one.

So, you'll want to introduce them to an alkaline environment instead because this (like the right timing) gives them an edge and eliminates those things that weaken them and make them unable to race for the egg. There are PH strips that will let you know whether you are acidic or alkaline. If you are not alkaline enough, you can change your diet or try specific douches to change this.

And the days where your PH is reading alkaline are fair game to conceive a son. Now, where you are really at the optimal day for a boy conception is when your ovulation has just or already happened AND your PH reading is showing that you're alkaline enough. It's the intersection of these few days that are going to give you the best chance to achieve your goal of a son. Both variables should be right in order to proceed.

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I recently received correspondence in which the writer asked me, in part: "is there a special diet that lets you chose your baby's gender or sex? If so, what is it called and how does it work?" In the following article, I'll explain how the foods you eat and the diet you're on can have an effect on influence on your baby's gender or whether you conceive a boy or a girl.

There's No One Particular Diet To Chose Your Baby's Gender. You're Really Talking About Two Different Diets: People sometimes ask me for information on the "chose your baby's gender diet." And I understand what they are asking me when this happens. But this almost implies that there's one diet or that one size fits all, which is definitely not the case.

In order for any diet to be effective, it really does have to be individual for each person. There are many reasons for this but the most persuasive is that every one is different and every one's body reacts differently to different foods. And every one starts out with an individual PH. If you are trying for a girl baby, you need for your body and reproductive tract to be more acidic. This environment is detrimental to boy producing sperm and this helps ensure that more of the sperm that makes it to the egg is girl producing (or the X chromosomes.)

But, if you want a boy, eating acidic foods is going to be a bad thing because this environment would weed out more of the Y or boy producing sperm. Instead, if you're trying for a boy, you need to create an alkaline environment by eating foods that read alkaline for you.

When I say that you're talking about two different diets, what I mean is that the diet to conceive a boy baby is completely different than the diet to conceive a girl baby. If you want to get pregnant with a girl, your diet would need to be acidic and would consist of more meats and dairy foods.

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But if you want to conceive a boy baby, your diet would need to consist of alkaline foods, many of which are fruits and vegetables. These are very loose and general guidelines, though. Some alkaline foods become acidic once digested and vice verse and there are always exceptions in the different guidelines.

That's why it can help greatly to use PH testing strips so that you can see where you are starting and can also see if you're reacting as expected. And this is true whether you're introducing alkaline or acidic foods (or whether you want a boy or a girl.) The bottom line is that a boy baby diet consists of alkaline foods while a girl baby diet consists of acidic ones, but the foods that accomplish this are often individual.

And one more thing, foods aren't the only way to change your PH in the hopes of choosing your baby's gender. Douching can do this also (as long as you use the appropriate douche for your PH and situation. You can use the strips to test how effective douching has been also.) Some women use both douching and diet to get faster or more dramatic results.

Any Gender Selection Diet Is More Effective When Combined With Other Gender Selection Methods: I would never downplay the importance of diet when you're trying to choose your baby's gender or sex. It is important and it can improve your odds. But the diet is most effective when you combine it with other things. For example, conceiving early and before ovulation increases your changes for getting pregnant with a girl baby. Conceiving late helps you get a boy baby.

The sexual positions that you use can also make a difference also. In other words, there are other things to address besides your diet. So it makes sense to cover all of your bases by incorporating all of these things and to choose the tools that can let you know if you're on the right track and are at the optimal levels to go ahead and try to conceive.

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