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If you are looking to get the most out of your hard-earned money, salary packaging, also known as salary sacrificing, may benefit you by lowering your taxable income to pay less tax. Tax is deducted before you receive your pay and this pre-tax contribution from your income can be used to pay for living expenses and everyday items, giving you an immediate tax benefit and more money in your pocket.

Salary packaging for not-for-profit industries in Australia is one of the biggest benefits that come with the job. Not-for-profit employees are also eligible for higher-level discounts and cost exemptions that are not available to private organisation sector employees.

At Eziway, we like to make things simple. Whether you are an employee who would like to maximize your income by minimizing tax, or an employer who understands the value of retaining your most valuable asset, Eziway delivers this and more...

Eziway is different. How? We were the first to provide employees with a self-service App in 2008. We are technology innovators; our purpose-built system ensures that our clients enjoy a faultless salary packaging experience. Eziway has served FBT-exempt organizations since 2007. Of our more-than 300 clients nationally, 98% of them are FBT-exempt, this means our service model is tailored to you.

Eziway has set the tempo in salary packaging for outstanding customer service and innovation for 14 years.

Our DNA: Make salary packaging easy to understand, easy to set-up and make changes easy like internet banking.

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Eziway has been at the forefront of developing and providing salary packaging services to the not for profit sector for over a decade. We are not for profit salary packaging expert and a salary sacrifice organisation in Australia.