“You know what Air-Guitar is, What is Air-Palm?
• 1. “Did you know that Guitar companies internationally hold contests for big prizes for the best Air-Guitar pretenders?”

• 2. “No, why, they are just like Elvis imitators or Mimes.”

• 3. “Well, these contests attract thousands, and they end up purchasing expensive guitars. Before you ask, the imitators are ranked on Movements, Emotion, Rhythm, the Mouth Sounds they add to their act.”

• 4. “Uh Pop, Who-cares? So-what? What’s In It For Me?”

• 5. “Good analytical thinking. Be a skeptic, but Not Sarcastic, someone who never examines opposing arguments.
Let’s examine an easy way to improve your short & long-term memory.
• Adds 30% to learning & memory- which helps you Ace school & Work.”

• 6. “That’s important, how?”

• 7. “You heard of V-A-K, short-hand for Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic (sensation of movement – touch).

• When you Listen to a lecture or audio or another person, you forget 90% after 24-hours. When you See information in print or on a screen digitally, you forget 80% in 24-hours.

• When you write, type, or Read information, you forget 70% in 24-hours. Got it? But when you Combine all three (3) senses – Vision-Auditory-Kinesthetic (writing/typing or Touch), you retain 90% after two-weeks.”

• 8. “Got it, these are my three Major senses for learning & memory, but what’s Palm-writing got to do with it, Pop?”

• 9. “When you do Not have available pen-and-paper, Make-Believe your dominant index finger is the pen, and you opposite palm is the paper. It uses V-A-K and improves your learning & memory 30%.

• 10. “Wait. Sure, because you See what you are imprinting (in-your-imagination), Hear it pronounced in your head. Last, your Pretend-Writing the Key-word or two lock them into long-term memory, right?”

• 11. “Exactly. You got it as a principle, now Implement it. In Speedreading101.com we call it First Air-Writing, later we found that Palm-Writing is more effective than “Writ-Large” in the Air. When you want to retrieve (recall) the Key-words, just stick out your palm, and let your finger retrace the words.”

• 12. “But it ever works in the Open Air in front of us, without using the palm, right?”

• 13. “Yes, but it looks stupid. No one sees you doing the Air-Palm & it has a higher recall rate.”

• 14. “Will it work for taking exams to get higher grades?”

• 15. “Absolutely Yes. Later in your career, you can use Air-Writing to make you look like a genius in making presentations. Keep you secret strategy.”

• 16. “I like It Pop, any other tips for learning & memory?”

• 17. “This is one that gives you a powerful EASY tool to remember what you hear, read, in reports, articles, & books.”

• 18. “Tell me, I can use all the help I can get.”

• 19. “This is called Six-“W”s & a How. If you use it, you have a Unique Competitive Advantage in both school & at-work.
You Never forget what you read or listen to. It adds 25% to learning &memory. Want to try it?”
“Sure, tell me.”

• “The order doesn’t matter. Just write: Who? What? When? Where? Why? & Which? Lastly, How?”

• 20. “And do what with them?”

• 21. “If you can answer these questions about what you just heard, read, or were told, you Aced it.” It’s better those Mind-Mapping programs to recall information with a million lines that confuse me.”

• 22. “Wait. I read a chapter or even the entire book, or listen to a lecture, go on line for an article or report?”

• 23. “Take a pen & paper or type on the word processor the answers to WHO? are involved, WHAT is the subject here? WHEN? did it occur? WHERE? Is the site or location?

• Now answer, WHY? did it happen, or the strategy used. Finally, WHICH? one should win. Choose. The HOW? Shows if you comprehend the behaviors and maybe the motivations? Get it.”

• 24. “But what’s so great about the “Six Ws & How?”

• 25. “It requires you to make a STORY of it. Your brain loves stories that paint-pictures of the action. It’s easy to associate with other stuff in long-term memory.

• You improve how you learn and remember about 25%. And that’s a lot. And it’s easy. Better yet, you have created a written note taking system for review for exams.”

• 26. “Real winner. How come no one uses it now or teaches it in school?”

• 27. We often MISS the easy way. It seems too stupid to work. Do it and people will erect a college building to you.”

• “Turn-on, Tune-in, and Tap-in” to new skills & you win all the marbles.” See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, educational director of www.speedreading101.org Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of Speed Reading. We help train the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents to read-&-remember 300-pages daily.
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