Rhinoplasty is the solution for those who want to change the shape of their nose. The change may be necessitated in majority of the cases for cosmetic purposes, in a small group of people; it may be for medical reasons as well.

Rhinoplasty comes under the cosmetic surgery wing. Many people think that cosmetic surgery is a new concept, but the history of Rhinoplasty dates back to the period of Sushruta. In his Sushruta Samhita, Sushruta has described about Rhinoplasty and the procedure to be adopted with the equipments available at that time. It has been improvised manifolds and the modern cosmetic surgery of Rhinoplasty has been deduced. The nose job may be necessitated due to a malformed nose by birth, injury to nose due to accident or if the air passage is blocked which makes breathing difficult. Apart from the medical conditions, the nose job constitutes the main procedure in cosmetic surgery, which is done to improve the looks of the person. There are two approaches taken while conducting rhinoplasty or nose job. One is the open type and the other is the closed type.

This classification is based on the incision made for the surgery. Closed rhinoplasty is a better option because of less incision, less scar, shorter duration, speed of recovery compared to the open rhinoplasty. The patient is evaluated for any pre-existing condition before taking up this procedure. The risks involved with this surgery are minimal, but there are risks with this procedure also. The risks involved are, delay in the healing of the wound, effects of anesthesia, the chances of abscission, and in very rare cases, the aesthetics of the nose may not be good after the surgery. Some types of corrections to the aesthetics of the nose can be done using nonsurgical techniques.
Rhinoplasty or nose jobs is getting more acceptance in cosmetic field as people are becoming very conscious about their looks.

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