Fresh and foraged, Nordic interior designs make the mark in international market by creating a transformative process in home interior. The exclusive collection of furniture reflects Nordic quiet and understated aesthetic design elements. The designs are heavily influenced from the cultural mind-set the values the collective over the individual. The popularity of Nordic or as a whole Scandinavian designs are affordability, functional and using of natural materials. They work traditional craftsmanship and finding its way back to living rooms of many western homes.

These designs especially furniture from the era of 1950s and 1950s like Eero Aarnio’s Ball, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg, Eeero Saarinen’s Tulip and others are now again resurfaced in modern interior. In 2015, more than 40,000 people visited the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The statistics show that demand of Scandinavian furniture and growing popularity of interior designs in Europe, the US and UK.

Big Names behind Nordic designs

Nordic designs and Scandinavian interior decor have got prominence because of many big-name brands invigorating their product lines, pushing the possibilities of materials and technology. They have come up with new kind of creative collaborations and reinterpreting their heritage for a modern-day audience. For example, Finnish glassware manufacture Iittala has launched Ruttu, a bespoke collection of diamond-shaped vases. Another big name Marimekko has teamed up with Finnair to come with napkins, tableware, textiles and aircraft livery reference.

It is not just big brands but many Nordic countries now brag some the finest design schools in the world. Such as Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway has emphasized on Nordic designs and Scandinavian interior decor. Similarly, Finland’s Aalto University and Konstfack University in Sweden have brought back the heritage design culture in studies.

Features of Nordic Designs

• Nordic designs have got prominence because of its simplicity. These are innovative yet reflect the age-old Scandinavian traditions. The most distinctive features of these designs are functionality, highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. In addition, they aim to come up with an egalitarian view of affordability.

• Most of the Scandinavian collection of furniture is crafted with natural materials such as wood-fibre composite and completely recyclable.

Nordic design has certain standards that are unique to its own culture. They not just emphasise on functionality, but rather display refinement of products. They take inspiration from outdoor pushing the aesthetic, technique and functional boundaries. They extensively work on natural, bright and uncluttered designs. They believe in simplicity and most of the interior designs are highlighted by clean lines.

• A typical aspect of Nordic design is to paint the interior with soft colours to keep spaces bright and warm. These colours are used in a way to create a cohesiveness and uniformity in the room.

• Another prominent factor of Nordic designs is they use wood on walls, floors, to make cupboards and virtually everything. However, not every type of wood is being used, rather they use light woods like beech, ash and pine.

• These designs won’t display excessive detailing. They believe in clean lines, solid pieces and simplicity.

• Traditional Nordic homes were small, so they didn’t put lots of stuff in the room. Well, modern homes are big but original design aspect remains an important factor of Nordic design. Almost all Nordic homes try to keep a space free of clutter.

Nordic design focuses on functionality and the difficult task is to create a balance between aesthetics and functionalities. The design reflects bright and functional rooms with traditional methods to create using natural materials.

No doubt New Nordic design is the cornerstone of modern design. Now, the design has got the prominence because of clean minimalism and characteristics like softer touches, clean lines and colourful style.

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