Javascript is a popular programming language in the software development market. You may know Node.js and React.js as these are the two most adopted technologies. Both of these technologies are used in web app development and both have inbuilt benefits and some disadvantages. Most of the developers struggle to decide which one is better. One of the main differences between Node.js and React.js is- Node.js is a back-end framework and React.js is used for creating user interfaces. If you are also confused to choose best between these two, then you must go through the below differences between Node.js and React.js. Before diving to the Node.js vs React.js, let us see each one in short.

What Is Node.js?
Nodejs is an open-source runtime environment to run JavaScript code outside of the browser. Most of the developers and business owners get confused and think that it is similar to React.js. In fact it is completely different from React.js and is used for different purposes. Node.js is used for developing back-end services like APIs for web or mobile applications. It is used used by popular companies like netflix, Paypal, Uber and so on.

Reasons of choosing Nodejs-
1. High Performance-
Most of the organizations choose Node.js because it offers high performance. It is made upon Google Chrome’s V8 runtime, written in C++ and is super fast. Both Node.js and V8 are regularly updated with security, performance optimizations and support for cutting edge JavaScript features. Walmart reported a great experience after use of Node.js when they shifted to Node to increase Black Friday sales.

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