We know that the web development world has transformed exponentially in the past few years. The software methods and techniques that are viewed as front line in those days have become out of date or upgraded significantly. The innovative technologies like JavaScript changed after Google released its Chrome web browser. JavaScript has developed a far beyond a simple client-side scripting language into an incredibly powerful programming language which can be used to create server side applications in addition to the traditional client-side applications.

Angular JS framework and node js platform are used to create powerful and interactive client-side and server-side web applications in Javascript language. While both are the javascript technologies, they differ in their functionality, performance and what they’re each used for in developing applications. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each, will help you to choose the best framework for your application. So let’s dive to the details of Node js vs Angular js.

What Is Node JS?
It is a cross-platform that helps to run Javascript outside of the browser. Also it is an open source tool but targeted toward web apps focusing on the server-side of things. Mostly, it is used in networking applications because there are many things that should occur behind the scenes. Node JS is good for applications that need scalability and simplify the whole development process, making it good for those with less experience. It’s viewed as a more back-end process of web development than Angular JS.

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What Is Angular JS ?

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