Noah benShea’s Ten Commandments for Tough Times

1. Being broke is not the same as being broken,
losing money is not the same as being lost,
and finding your balance is not something you can do on a balance sheet.

2. Don’t confuse having less with being less,
having more with being more,
or what you have with who you are.

3. Slow down.
What you’re chasing may be trying to catch you.

4. Prayer is a path where there is none.

5. Put your faith and not your fears in charge.

6. God only gave you two arms.
If you’re busy hugging the past you can’t embrace the future.
Don’t let the past kidnap your future.

7. This too shall pass.
Change is the only constant.
In order to take a breath you must release your breath.

8. Do what you can,
but never forget that letting go is very different from giving up.

9. Break the rules that are breaking you.
Tough times don’t require you to be tough on yourself.
Find the courage to suffer happiness.

10. Remember, remember, remember…
Things don’t have to be good for you to be great.

Noah benShea Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved

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