2009 went fast didn't it?
How did you do? 

Each year millions of people have a reaction to the transition of one year to the next. Some people are happy with their results. Others want something to change. Some people exceeded their goals and are excited for their next results. Others are struggling to make ends meet, find love, drop those extra pounds. Some will be glad the year is over. Some will end the year with regrets.
2010 is being pronounced by many as Twenty-Ten, and is recognized at the beginning of a new decade. so not only are you starting a new year, you are entering a new decade. This brings you a decade of opportunities and a decade of opportunities for greater success.
What does 2010 hold for you? Will it be more of the same or are you looking for a change? Even those who are happy with their results in 2009, many would still like something new or a change in something in the coming year.

New Years Eve is the re-start of many old habits. Millions of people will voice new years resolutions in one night, and within the week over 75% will have broken them. Some people know they will never meet their resolutions but a small flicker of wishing and hoping that this year will be different motivates them to say them anyway.
"The definition of Insanity is doing the same things
 and expecting different results."
~ Albert Einstein ~
Get Ready Tip #1:
Don't make New Years resolutions this year.
Make your acknowledgement list instead.
Studies show that the best time for a sales person to make a sale is right after you made one. The best time for a baby to take a second step is right after the have successfully taken the first one. The best time to create another success in your life, is right after you have just experienced one.  
Why is that?
It is because your energy is now focused on success, feeling good about what you just accomplished and you are feeling a "success high". So then it would make sense that the most difficult time to set new goals or resolutions is when you are not feeling confident, not feeling proud of your accomplishments or not feeling successful. Yet this lack of success is what most people are feeling when they set New Year resolutions. This seems to be one answer to the question as to why over 75% of people give up on their new resolutions after only a couple of weeks.
Start your New Year with a "success high" and propel your self towards greater success in 2010.
TIP #1: Start by NOT making New Years resolutions this year and making an acknowledgement list instead.
 "The more you focus on and list your accomplishments, the more accomplishments you will recognize." ~ Brenda Stuart ~

Download a copy of the free Acknowledgement Questions here: http://bit.ly/5jKhtA

A special link is included with these questions, to a special offer from Brian Tracy to help you get started with your goals for 2010.

In order to get the most benefit from 2009 before starting into 2010, you must answer - in detail - the self acknowledgement questions first.

TIP #2:

Purchase a three ring binder, preferably one with the clear front and spine so you can insert a custom front cover page. You will also need blank tabs (you will label them later), writing paper for this binder and a separate spiral notepad. Throughout this year this binder can assist you in getting your best results. In future ezines you will receive detailed information how to work with your binder.
For now, you are getting ready.

So many people fail to prepare or plan for their success, instead they lunge forward with the same habits and behaviors that got them to this point today. If you like the results you are getting, then by all means, continue with your current behaviors. On the other hand, if you are open to a change in anything, consider starting your New Year differently.

After answering the questions on the Acknowledgement pages, punch the appropriate 3 holes in the pages and place them in a special 3 ring binder.  Claim this binder as your by writing your name on this binder.

TIP #3

Become aware of old habits that might attempt to deter you from your new direction.
Just in case you might be saying, I don't have time to do this, please stop and re-read the quote from Albert Einstein above.

Then visit this  music page (http://karendrucker.com/pages/music.htm) for a FREE full-length MP3 download of a song titled: There's Enough by Karen Drucker from her CD - Shine.

Many studies have been made on the effect that music and sounds have on a person. Take the few minutes to listen to this song, and then add to your acknowledgement list.

Karen Drucker is a gifted song writer, entertainer and speaker. Her music motivates, inspires, assists with healings and helps people to stay centered.
Let this song remind you that there IS enough.

2010 the beginning of your best decade ever !

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