My speciality with EFT is helping people overcome emotional and physical stress related issues. I helped “Jane” with her food cravings and start her on the road to success with healthy diet to lose her additional 20 pounds.

“Jane” worked two jobs and had a weakness for potato chips which were easily available at the snack bar near her desk at her evening part time job. She also had chips every day at lunch. This was the major contribution to her weight gain. To eliminate her food craving, (a SUDS of 10) we had the set up statement of “Even though I love my potato chips.....” and tapped “potato chips” - so far, fairly simple as far as EFT goes. Within 15 minutes, Jane had totally lost her interest in chips -even with the open bag in front of her. As we talked a little bit more, her intensity rose. As Jane talked more, she admitted that she had moved to Boston about a year ago, didn’t know anyone, and at night when she got home, potato chips were her “friend”. Through her tears, she told me that every night, her routine was to put the television on and eat a bag of chips. Our new set up statement was “Even though potato chips are my friend....” and then “potato chips”.

I gave Jane some tapping homework, very simple, to tap on a few points “potato chips” and she did her homework for a few weeks until she no longer felt it was necessary. “Jane” told me she gave herself two tests to see if the EFT worked. The first was she put a bag of chips on her desk at work which she realized she wasn’t even tempted. Several months later, her second (and biggest test) was walking down the supermarket aisle where the chips were displayed and not wanting or buying them!

In the past, Jane had tried many times to eliminate her craving but had failed because she was focused on the surface of the problem. The reason Jane was successful this time was EFT helped her realize the root of the problem and we were able to “tap” it away. I’ve noticed EFT often has this uncanny ability to bring out the underlying issue that the client has buried. Once they become aware of it, it can usually be “tapped” away.

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I am an EFT practioner specializing in physical and emotional stress related issues. I was first introduced to EFT when someone performed the technique on me and I was able to eliminate my craving for ice cream. For over 25 years, I have worked with individual clients and the general public and enjoy helping people reach their goals and become happier. My favorite part is either seeing the change in a client's face or hearing the change in their voice at the end of the session to one that is less stressed and more full of joy. It's almost as if a huge weight has been taken off of them. I treat clients in person and on the phone.