Over the years, I have had a number of mentors, and one mentor that has had a big effect on me is one that I met at a charity event in 2003. This person was offering readings there and it turned out that this was not the only thing she did.

If I remember rightly, my mother and sister had a reading with her whilst I was with my father. Shortly after the event, we all went to see her and a relationship started to form.

A Number of Tools

In addition to the readings that she offered, there were also a number of other things that she was trained in. There was Reiki, NLP, a type of head massage, and other spiritual practices.

This was when I had only just started to get on the path, so to speak, which meant that I was hungry to know more. Having said that, it might be more accurate to say that this was a time when I was getting ready to get on the path.

An Open Mind

My mind was open and I just wanted to know more about what this woman knew. After having spent so long around people who were not into this kind of stuff, it was a relief to have met someone who was on the same page.

In many ways, this woman was like the cool kid at school; I was drawn to her and listened to whatever she had to say. I soon learnt Reiki and after a while, I ended up learning about NLP.

Plenty of Insight

It wasn’t one-sided though, as this was someone who took the time to listen to what I had to say. In fact, I would say that I felt as thought I had finally found someone who understands me.

As the years passed I continued to learn a lot from her, and I had a number of readings too. During these years, I wasn’t sure about what I was going to do; I only knew that I had found something that interested me.

It Didn’t Fit

And even though I thought that Reiki healing had the potential to make a difference, I didn’t feel the need to take it further. As time went by, I was drawn to other healing techniques, and in 2008 I started writing in a journal.

Around this time I didn’t see this woman as much, but when I did see her I appreciated her company. After doing this for about two years, I started writing articles on psychology, and this was something that I spoke to her about.

An Unexpected Outcome

I said to her about what I was doing and she said that no one would listen to me because I don’t have a degree. This wasn’t what I expected to here from her and I felt let down, betrayed even.

Fortunately, I didn’t pay much attention to what she said. It wasn’t that I was convinced that people would listen to what I had to say; it was just that I felt the need to keep going.

One Focus

I had the need to write, and this stopped me from getting caught up in how other people would respond. If I was doing it for another reason, I might have stopped there and then.

Ultimately, what she came out with was her own belief, as opposed to the truth. What this makes me think about is how important it is for us to listen to ourselves and not to allow our life to be defined by other people’s limiting beliefs.

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