You saw the picturesque old travel office ... posters of tropical locations and ski resorts. The wall of glossy brochures touting the wonders of the world.

Other walls are lined with cabinets containing files who knows what - and permanently stained coffee pot on top.

At the same time the commercial rental, office furniture, benefits and endless government forms to complete.

For decades, it has been the standard model of owning and operating a business trip. Then came the Internet, and things began to change - radically.

This raises the consumer could book their own travel arrangements online. The first days of this new model was scary - only for the most knowledgeable and those with a net stubborn persistence and an eye for bargains.

Today you, as a consumer, have access to information and databases the same reservation, the largest travel agency. But this development is the next turn on your own personal journey - the virtual.

This new model eliminates the overhead of travel agencies picturesque. It's like having your own Expedia.

You can find these travel professionals-in-a-box type of online opportunities. All the hard stuff is handled for you. Just register and tell others. The money runs out.

The old school model of business travel is not dead yet - but the new virtual model is so attractive. Check it out, you'll be surprised.

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