For all the ‘Young Bloods of the Society’, Shisha or Hookah pens are proving nothing less than a revelation. It is a chic trend that many are embracing with their hands (and lips). These pens incorporate heaps of different flavours (each presenting their individual tastes), like apple, strawberry, tobacco, mint and many more.

Interestingly, there are some puffing enthusiasts who claim that a Shisha pen is ‘Practically Perfect’ in every way. They are portable, easy to use (or rather puff) and contains no (or very little concentrations of nicotine).

With these features, a shisha pen also hosts many other perks for avid puffers. Read the plummeting section properly!

• No ‘CO’, TAR or Any Other Forms of Toxins: These pens emulate the smoking experience of normal cigarettes. Plus remarkably, the smoke that’s created is pure vapour. There are no traces of CO - carbon monoxide, tar or any other forms of toxins present in normal 4-inch-white-sticks.

With the absence of any risky chemicals; the health complications are negated and all one gets is pleasurable vapour.

• No Restrictions or Second-Hand Smoke: One good thing about Shisha pens is that they can be used anywhere one feels. On puffing, it produces vapour and not nicotine smoke (which some may not appreciate).

Furthermore, in some places, tobacco usage is seen with a frowned mindset. But with these pens and the smoke it produces, no one will have any issues with it.


Continuing from the top... The vapour produced from a shisha pen dissipates into the environment in a matter of seconds. And with that happening, there is no second-hand smoke for others to feel uncomfortable in.

Both these points make is pretty clear as to why Shisha sticks are preferred so much in many places over cigarettes.

• No Worries about Any Lingering Odour: As there are no traces of nicotine or tar components; there are any chances of any lingering smell coming off clothes, furniture or any other personal possessions.

Plus one will find no bad smell coming out of their mouths when conversing with another person.

• They Are Reasonable To A Pack of Cig: A good shisha pen has the ability to churn out 500-600 puffs. And if one draws a comparison with a normal cigarette packet, quantum cost differences will be seen.

Some reputed suppliers who sell such pens within the price bracket of AU$8-AU$10 and with the kind of longevity it serves, it is surely a more cost-convenient option as to a pack of cig.

Ending Words:

Each of these points makes it obvious why such pens are growing in popularity with every passing phase. One word of advice would be to also choose the right e-juice in Australia for the best puffing experience.

Stores what supply such shisha sticks will also these vape juices. Just filter out the preferred options, check the ingredients, price and also what the previous users have felt about it. But before doing all that, one needs to find out a reliable supplier.

It Is The Only Way To Procure Quality Products- Be It A Shisha Pen Or E-Liquids! So get started, MATE!

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The author works at a top-rated agency that deals in supplying quality e-juice in Australia and top-rated shisha pens. Furthermore, the author also is a freelancing writer and shares know-how with the readers through blogs and articles on a regular basis.