Many poker players you will see online will not hesitate to make a continuation bet, or bet the Flop. The continuation bet has gotten to be such a standard play in both cash games and tournaments that it is seldom given any respect by other players at the table. You may find yourself re-raised by pretty much any two cards after leading out with a bet on the Flop. If you notice this happening at a table you are playing at, the easiest remedy is to wait until the Flop hits you and then re-raise. This will usually get everyone's attention and while it may not pokerbros maximize the particular hand you are on, it will set up continuation bets that will be given respect later on. Trust me, if a player has to fold to a big re-raise, they will remember it the next time you lead out with a continuation bet.

Where most players will call any bet on the Flop, the opposite is true on the Turn. Not many players have the guts to fire that second barrel with nothing, so to your opponent, that bet on the Turn looks way more scary than the bet on the Flop. It is nearly impossible for them to call if they don't have a hand.

The fact that your Turn bet is always for more chips is also helpful in shutting your opponent down. I am not talking about a 1/4-pot sized bet, or the amount you bet on the Turn, I am talking about bumping it up so that you force your opponent to fold or have a big hand.

For example, a bet on the Flop of $80 into a $200 pot is fairly easy for your opponent to call. A bet on the Turn of $300 into a pot of $360 is a different story. Mentally it is a lot different for him to put those extra chips in just to be a call station and whether he knows it or not, he is probably no longer getting proper odds for a flush draw either. Over all, betting the Turn shows much more strength than betting the Flop and will be much more respected if you are trying to take down the hand.

One thing to remember; if your Flop and Turn bets have been called, checking the River MAY be a good play unless you can see that your opponent was on a busted flush draw. If you keep him on the line all the way to the River, he could be slow playing a monster. It is very hard to bluff the River as most players will call simply because they are there or feel pot committed. You had better be sure he didn't hit his flush draw at this point or have a big hand yourself because if he made it through your strong Turn bet, he has a hand.

There is no option whatsoever of how much to bet or raise, players can either check, when available, fold, call or raise. There is usually a limit of 3 raises, meaning that when someone bets 10, the next player can raise to 20, the next can raise to 30, and finally the next player can raise to 40, thereafter players will only have the option of calling for 40 or folding.

Some live cash games allow an unlimited number of raises when the pot is heads up, until one player is all in.

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