No Internet Required For Sim Based Tracking system software ?

SIM-based tracker services are available even on low-cost feature phones, as they do not require a smartphone with internet access.

What is a SIM Based Tracker?

A SIM-based tracker assists in monitoring the trucks by using the GPS coordinates from the driver’s cellphone network. Drivers must give their permission to track their vehicles for this application. This online SIM tracking system is suitable for market/hired automobiles and trucks.

The sim based tracking device is intended to track a vehicle’s real-time location for improved fleet operations without the use of traditional GPS tracker devices. This SIM-based system is cost-effective, pay-per-use – pay for the days or when services are activated, no term payment required, as is common with GPS vehicle tracking solutions.

What are the Benefits of a SIM Based Tracking System?
Cost-effective Tracking

Sim-based tracking does not necessitate the purchase of a tracking device. As a result, there are no installation or maintenance costs. You only need to pay a small fee for tracking services.

Simple Installation

All you need is a phone number, the identity of the operator, and authorization to track. That is all! You enter these details into the site to start the process. It will not take more than an hour to get started, and it may take less time in some cases.

No term-payments

You do not pay on a monthly basis for SIM tracking services. Simply pay as you go. You will not be charged for days that you do not utilise the service.

No wear and tear

Because there is no need to install the device, there is no wear and tear with SIM based tracking solutions. The vehicle sustains no harm. The automobile retains its original perfect condition.

Internet access not required

It operates flawlessly even in distant regions where internet connectivity is limited or non-existent. It does not require internet access to function. It is compatible with the cellular network.

Differences Between A GPS & sim based tracking system

Here we will highlight the basic differences between a GPS and a SIM Based tracking system:


sim based tracking softwareservices are available even on low-cost feature phones, as they do not require a smartphone with internet access. As a result, SIM-based solutions are preferable for tracking the route progress of assets, as well as knowing detainments and diversions, as not all drivers may have a smartphone to access these services.

A GPS tracker, on the other hand, can only be utilised after connecting to the internet.

Device Upkeep

SIM-based tracking requires little time and effort.
GPS tracking hardware requires effort and money to maintain.

Consent Tracking

SIM based tracking system works without hindering the consent of the driver as the driver has to approve the tracking feature on his mobile device.
GPS tracking hardware requires no consent and might be a problem for some drivers.

Data Accuracy & Reporting Capabilities

Since a SIM based tracking device does not require a constant internet connection, its reporting capabilities are not hindered in the case of a no-network zone. This ensures that data is more constant and accurate.
On the other hand, a GPS tracker requires an internet connection for reporting and data may not be uploaded in real-time.

Final Thoughts

The sim based tracking solution is intended to track fleet operations across many locations based on position coordinates captured via the driver’s cellular network. It was designed to track, locate, and monitor the everyday operations of the fleet without the usage of typical GPS trackers. SIM based tracking also has many benefits over traditional tracking methods as highlighted above.

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