Regardless of how things may appear, there is a right solution for every problem. Whatever the difficulty may be, God has an answer and when you turn to Him in faith, believing, that answer comes.

The answer may not always come immediately or exactly as you have in mind, but as you pray in faith and wait, knowing and believing that the answer is coming, the answer does eventually come. It is very important that you believe and accept this.


Even when you seem to need an immediate answer, it is most important that you exercise patience and faith, for in that patience and faith, God is working in and around you to provide you with what you need. You may not be able to see anything happening with your eyes, but be assured, God is at work. God is always at work. The answer is coming. Believe this is so, because it is. Accept this in faith.


There is no difficulty beyond solution; no undesirable condition is permanent. Every circumstance can be changed. Change is the one thing you can count on. Whatever trouble is perplexing you, it has not always been with you, or in your life no matter how it may seem. Therefore it is a passing thing. Treat it as such. Relax, let go, and let it pass. Do not believe for a moment that it must or will stay with you forever. In fact, it is now on it way out of your life!

God’s good is not just around the corner. It is within and all around you now. Open your mind and heart to His presence and power, and know and accept that He is giving you the desires of your heart now. But do not be anxious. Anxious, hurried, worried thoughts and feelings tend to force your good away from you. Your relaxed, peaceful, faith-filled thoughts bring your good to you.


As you lift your consciousness to the level of God-consciousness, you know there is nothing impossible to understand, to overcome, to change. You know you have the power, strength and energy to do whatever you need to do, and the courage to move forward in faith. Your help comes from God within you. Turn within to His loving, wise presence, be still and wait upon Him.

Life is meant to be lived lovingly, abundantly, fully, joyously, positively, and victoriously. You are to fully realize your oneness with God and give expression to the divine spirit that is in you, as you. Lift your consciousness and let your horizons expand to new vistas of possibilities. You are able to see better than before; to see more clearly the vast good that is ready for you now.

As you lift your vision, you see the beauty and marvels of life, and there is new light upon your path. The solutions to problems and difficulties come more easily, too.


It is always so much better to lift your vision above apparent problems than to remain mired in them. God intends for you to be happy, healthy, joyous, peaceful and prosperous, and for you to enjoy these things now. Open your mind to His infilling of rich good; to His love, faith, peace, harmony, and life. Know that, right now, His vast rich good is available to you and is, indeed, yours now.

Keep your vision uplifted today. Make a determined effort to look for the good, to be happy, and to practice the presence of God within and around you. As you do, problems and difficulties become as nothing and fade away. They change into solutions.

Refuse to give in any longer to thoughts or beliefs in inadequacy, lack or limitation, or that a difficulty has no solution. Believe the solution is forthcoming now, and that it is with you now although you may not yet see it.


God is your help in every need. He is the solution or answer to every difficulty. Give more thought to Him than to the difficulty and the difficulty will go away. Do everything you can to help solve the problem knowing that as you do, God is working in and through you to bring about the right and perfect answer – the divine solution. In essence, it is God manifesting Himself.

Pray this Positive Prayer: God is within me as the right answer to every problem. I am grateful for the right solution now.

From my book, "Positively Alive!"

Author's Bio: 

Rev. John W. Adams. Golden Key Ministry – Unity is a worldwide online prayer ministry, dedicated to healing and prospering all people. Rev. John W. Adams is an ordained Unity Minister. He has dedicated his life to helping people live the healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous lives they are meant to live.