Some people seem to have a propensity for intuiting impending danger, including catastrophes like the events of September 11, 2001. I can hardly imagine the weight of not knowing whether these types of intense perceptions are real? When we sense or dream that something is wrong with family members or friends, we have the option of alerting them, and checking things out.

Understanding how the subconscious mind functions, affords us the opportunity to regulate the intuitive information we receive. In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and hypnosis, we act on certain assumptions like the subconscious mind brings information to our conscious attention upon request, and withholds information we deem not useful. The subconscious mind also makes information available when and if, it feels the conscious mind is ready and able to receive it, like repressed memories that surface after years, and I believe, extra sensory perceptions such as premonitions, and precognitions.

In the aftermath of 9-11-01 many have come forward with recounts of precognizant dreams, including two women I know. Below is one of their dreams, which happened a few days prior to this global tragedy. After the attacks, as the media coverage poured in, this woman recognized the bearded man in her dream, as Osama Bin Laden. Her psychic ability is phenomenal, yet I think being so empathic can take its toll.

… “I am in some underground tunnels that are dark, but lit here and there by oil lamps. I feel as though I am an observer, until a man approaches me and pulls me into the shadows. He tells me I can't be here. No women are allowed! He gives me a cloth to wrap around my head, and a hooded coat to wear to cover myself. I walk through the dark tunnels avoiding contact with others. I see a fire with many men sitting around it. I sit down in the back, and observe a heavily bearded man wearing a turban and holding a large gun. He is talking to the group making plans for some kind of mass destruction. In the dream everyone is speaking another language that I do not recognize, but somehow I know what they are saying, and that they are dangerous people. There is fear in half of the group, and anger in the other half. I awoke feeling very disturbed”…

Here are some mental and spiritual coaching tips to help you filter the extra sensory information you receive. Think through what you'd want to know. Next instruct the subconscious mind accordingly. You can speak your requests out loud, write them and read them to yourself, or ask someone to read them to you while you listen. Make sure to stipulate what you want withheld.

I want to know when I am in danger, or my loved ones are, as well as sensing when they are sick, and need my help. I also want pertinent, specific, intuitive information about the people I work with, in order to more effectively counsel and coach them. I must want to know about our regional earthquakes, because I am always instinctively forewarned…

Having a visual representation for a filtering system is also helpful. Why not create a metaphoric dream catcher? Are you familiar with the Native American tradition of dream catchers? Originating from the Chippewa tribe, strands of sinew are woven into a web like pattern around a small round or tear-shaped frame. The dream catcher hangs over a child’s bed to protect the child from nightmares and evil spirits. Like an amulet, or protective shield, the dream catcher snags and traps intrusive, overwhelming, and ominous thoughts. Imagine the dream catcher over the crown of your head, or in front of your heart, or wherever you feel it will best serve you.

Sometimes highly sensitive and psychic people suffer from sensory overload. Set some filters in place to preserve yourself.

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Stephanie Rachel Alt, holds a Masters degree in Counseling/Human Development from Bank Street College of Education, New York, NY. She is also Master Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) and hypnosis. Stephanie teaches her clients to use “intuitive intelligence”, logic and reason, in daily life and decision making. She created “Of 2 Minds” Coaching and Consulting services, to offer these services; intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, conscious communication, hypnosis and NLP techniques. She also works with dream messages and dream symbolism.

Stephanie’s work experience includes leading NLP training seminars, for NLP Co-founders, John Grinder, and Judith Delozier. She is a contributing author in an NLP casebook; Leaves Before The Wind. Stephanie currently resides on the Central Coast, in California, where she maintains an office. Working with individuals, couples, families, and groups you can consult with Stephanie in person or conveniently by phone and online.